WWE is in France for this one and that is a new location for a pay per view. That being said, the card is not exactly looking strong, with only five matches announced coming into the event. While there is always the chance that something else could be added, WWE is going to have its work cut out for them to make this work. Granted the white hot crowd could help, but it’s not going to get them the whole way. Let’s get to it.

Women’s Title: Bayley(c) vs. Naomi vs. Tiffany Stratton

So Naomi was getting a title shot and then Stratton interfered, meaning it’s time for the three way match, which tends to be the case. That could mean a few things, though Bayley is still fresh off winning the title at WrestleMania and that could make for quite the difficult reason to take the title from her. At the same time, Stratton is a heck of a challenger and we could be in for an interesting match.

While Stratton is all but destined to win the title at some point in a big moment, I can’t imagine that Bayley is going to lose it so soon after her big win. Therefore I’ll take Bayley retaining, likely pinning Naomi in the process. Either way, this should be a fun match if the three of them can get everything together, which might be easier said than done in such a situation.

Women’s Tag Team Titles: Kabuki Warriors(c) vs. Bianca Belair/Jade Cargill

This is an interesting one as it could go in a few different ways. Well ok it’s going to end with either the champs retaining or new champions but they could have different ways to get there. I’m not sure if Belair and Cargill are going to win the titles, though it’s hard to imagine a dream team like them losing. At the same time, the Warriors are probably the most dominant team in the history of the titles so having them lose to a team with less than five matches between then doesn’t make a ton of sense.

I’ll go with the titles changing hands here, as it feels like the kind of change where something can happen to make the show feel important. Cargill getting some gold, even if it is as part of a team, will make her feel that much bigger. I’m not sure how long Belair and Cargill would hold the belts, but they can win them here and get the big moment, which should make the show feel that much more important.

Randy Orton/Kevin Owens vs. Bloodline

So this one is all about the debut of Tama Tonga, who is the new monster who is shaking things up in the Bloodline. At the same time, Paul Heyman revealed that he has not spoken to Roman Reigns since WrestleMania. That opens up all kinds of new doors in the story and I’m curious to see where it goes. Things will be getting started here though and that should be interesting.

As for the match itself, there is pretty much no reason for the Bloodline to lose here so we’ll say they pick up the win. Tonga is going to be getting his big chance here and it wouldn’t stun me to see him pinning Owens to wrap things up. Orton is still one of the most protected names in all of WWE and he won’t be taking the fall here, though Owens likely will be doing just that as the Bloodline wins.

World Heavyweight Championship: Damian Priest(c) vs. Jey Uso

Priest is the new champion, having cashed in Money In The Bank to win at WrestleMania. In theory, that makes him a vulnerable champion who could be in danger of losing to Uso. That being said, it is almost impossible to imagine Uso actually being the one to take the title from Priest, especially this soon into his reign. They don’t have much of a story to set this up and that is making things all the more difficult.

Either way, this is going to end with Priest retaining and that is all that should be happening. The fans are going to go absolutely coconuts for Uso’s entrance, but he isn’t going to be the best choice to win the title, especially under these circumstances. I’m not sure I can imagine Priest holding the title long term, but he isn’t going to lose it to Uso in his first major defense.

WWE Universal Title: Cody Rhodes(c) vs. AJ Styles

Remember pretty much everything I said about Priest winning the title at WrestleMania and therefore having almost no chance to lose the title so soon into his reign? Repeat that here with the volume cranked WAY up. There is almost no way I can spin this as anything but a layup, as there is a grand total of no reason whatsoever for Rhodes to be in any danger of losing the title.

So yeah Rhodes retains here, as the idea of two Georgia boys fighting over the title is not the most interesting way to go. That being said, at some point Rhodes is going to face someone who wasn’t coached/mentored/influenced by Dusty Rhodes and I’m not sure how that kind of a feud is going to be set up. For now though, the story works well enough and Cody will retain.

Overall Thoughts

I’m not sure what to think of this show, as it feels like little more than a glorified house show. That being said, if this week’s Smackdown was any indication, the fans are going to carry this one through the roof because they do not get to see anything like this. I’d assume there are going to be some unannounced big moments to make the show feel more important, because the advertised card isn’t exactly hitting that mark.

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