It’s time for the official Wrestlemania fallout event and this time the card is looking rather stacked. There are multiple matches set up, some of which are not things you might have expected to see. We have two matches which could be headlining the show but catering to the Puerto Rican crowd, one of those matches would be a much more logical choice. Let’s get to it.

Seth Rollins vs. Omos

We’ll start here, which feels like the “here’s how we get these people on the show” match. There is no reason for the two of them to be fighting, but they’re having a match on this show anyway. Omos’ size is still enough to make him the monster, though coming off the loss to Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania does not make him feel like quite the same level of threat.

I’ll go with Rollins to win here, as he is coming off a big win at Wrestlemania and very well be in line for the new World Title. If nothing else, giving him a victory over Omos would make him feel like that much more of a threat to win the title. Omos can absorb a few losses because you can just have him chokeslam people over and over until he is a monster again. Rollins should win here, as he could be in for a much bigger spot in the near future.

US Title: Austin Theory(c) vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Bronson Reed

This is the kind of match that could go in a variety of ways and that makes things more interesting. Theory has come a long way in the last few months as he has gotten a good bit more serious. At the same time, Reed has turned into a monster and I could see him taking the title to make him seem that much more legitimate. Then there is Lashley, but odds are he is going to wind up in the World Title mix (as he should).

With those options, I’ll go with Theory retaining, as I don’t think WWE wants to have him lose here, only to put him into the World Title scene where he would lose again. Give him the win here and let his title reign keep going, as he has held the title for about six months. That is the kind of reign that could last for a long time, as Theory gets closer and closer to being a big thing in WWE.

Raw Women’s Title: Bianca Belair(c) vs. Iyo Sky

I’m not sure what to think about this match, as both of them are on the way to Smackdown so the title only means so much in the first place. Belair has run through every major star in the division and now she needs to find someone new, so points for trying Sky in there instead of the same people over and over. I don’t know how much of a chance Sky has, but at least she is a fresh challenger.

I don’t see much of a reason to believe that Belair is losing here so we’ll go with what should be the easy retain. Belair is a win away from the longest Women’s Title reign in the modern era and unless they want a big shakeup, the title isn’t changing hands here. The match should be good and Sky should get a lot out of it, though she isn’t going to get the title this time around.

Matt Riddle/Kevin Owens/Sami Zayn vs. Bloodline

The Bloodline continues to have issues and now the question is what happens here. They need a win to right the ship, but it makes more sense to not have the ship righted. The Usos losing the all while Solo Sikoa does his thing is going to open up some more options, as Roman Reigns is not going to be happy with the Usos losing another huge match. At the same time, Reigns has shown that he needs the Usos and that could go in a variety of ways. Or maybe the Bloodline wins and the problems go away.

Nah I can’t imagine the Bloodline losing here, as it doesn’t make sense to reverse course in that way. Owens or Zayn can pin one of them while Sikoa is incapacitated for some reason. Riddle needs a win of his own, even if it is just being on the winning team. The Bloodline doesn’t need to win here and it opens up more doors if they lose, so we’ll go with the logical choice of Riddle/Owens/Zayn winning.

Smackdown Women’s Title: Rhea Ripley(c) vs. Zelina Vega

This is an interesting way to set up the match, as commentary has more or less told us that Vega has no chance to win the title. Instead they are saying she more or less needs a miracle to have a chance against the monster Ripley. That is what they teased this week on Smackdown, and somehow it wound up working well. Vega is going to have a huge reaction from the fans, but that might not be enough to give her the title.

Of course it isn’t, as Ripley isn’t going to lose her first major title defense. Vega is going to have the fans in her corner, but at some point that isn’t going to be enough. That some point is likely going to be as soon as Ripley hits Riptide and gets the pin to retain. Ripley’s title reign has the potential to be huge, and it is going to start with a successful defense here against Vega.

Cody Rhodes vs. Brock Lesnar

There is a case to be made for this to headline the show and it very well may. That being said, this is an important match for Rhodes, who really needs a win after losing to Reigns at Wrestlemania. I don’t know if that is where WWE is going to go though, as someone other than Reigns beating Lesnar one on one is almost impossible to fathom. Rhodes is a big star, but I don’t know if he’s that big.

I can absolutely see Lesnar winning here, but I’ll take Rhodes as he is someone who will likely be in line for the new World Title. Lesnar isn’t going to wrestle on Monday Night Raw anytime soon so there is no reason to believe that he is going to be in the title picture. I’ll go with Rhodes winning here, as he needs the win and will be around a lot more frequently than Lesnar. Rhodes wins, with a grand total of no confidence in the pick.

Bad Bunny vs. Damian Priest

This is a street fight and it is the best choice for a main event on this show. Bunny is a legitimate major star and will be given the ultimate hero’s welcome in Puerto Rico. The fact that he has shown he can hang in the ring with the right circumstances makes this better and we should be in for a very fun match here. I would say there is some doubt about the winner but…come on.

Unless WWE wants Puerto Rico to burn the building to the ground, this is going to be Bunny winning and winning handily. There are going to be all kinds of interference and shenanigans, which is exactly what needs to be the case here. All that matters is Bunny gets the pin in the end, likely with a few kendo stick shots. Bunny wins here, as he has to do to blow the roof off instead of a good chunk of the building being wrecked.

Overall Thoughts

Backlash is not the most traditional looking WWE show but we should be in for a good card based on what we have set up. The build for Backlash has been done a bit differently but I’m wanting to see the show. What matters is everyone executing things well, with the main event being rather tricky. It’s kind of beneficial that everything resets two days later as it takes so much pressure off of this card. Now just make it work well.

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