All In 2023
Date: August 27, 2023
Location: Wembley Stadium, London, England
Commentators: Excalibur, Jim Ross, Nigel McGuinness

It’s the biggest show in the history of AEW and there will be 80,000 fans there to see it happen. That is the kind of thing that AEW can and should brag about for a long time to come and now it is actually a reality. The main event will see MJF defend the World Title against Adam Cole in a match that has had a heck of a path to get here. Let’s get to it.

Zero Hour: Ring Of Honor Tag Team Titles: Aussie Open vs. Maxwell Jacob Friedman/Adam Cole

The Aussies are defending and jump the challengers during the pre-match posing. Cole and MJF are sent outside and rammed into each other, which gives Davis two on MJF as the bell finally rings. MJF fights out of a chinlock but Fletcher pulls Cole off the apron. Davis drops him again and hits a backsplash for two before handing it off to Fletcher. That lets MJF get in a shot of his own and tease the Kangaroo Kick but Davis isn’t letting that happen.

MJF seems to kick Fletcher low and the rolling tag brings in Cole to clean house. A Backstabber gets two on Fletcher but it’s too early for the Panama Sunrise. It’s not too early for a superkick to Fletcher though and the Aussies are knocked outside. MJF takes too long setting up a dive and Cole is pulled outside for a double beating. Back in and the Aussie Arrow gets two on MJF but the stereo clotheslines hit each other. MJF actually hits the Kangaroo Kick (a one footed dropkick to both champs) and the double clothesline finishes Fletcher for the titles at 6:58.

Result: Maxwell Jacob Friedman/Adam Cole b. Aussie Open – Double clothesline to Fletcher (6:58)

Mercedes Mone (Sasha Banks) is in the crowd.

Zero Hour: FTW Title: Hook vs. Jack Perry

Perry is defending under FTW Rules, meaning anything goes and falls count anywhere. As a bonus, Perry gets a limo ride into the stadium, which does fit him rather well. Hook meets him in the aisle and throws him over/into the limo. Perry takes him onto the top of said limo for a brainbuster though and Hook is down (not out, as you should be after that, but down).

The RVD finger point sets up Rolling Thunder before Perry points at the windshield and says “it’s real glass, cry me a river.” Hook fisherman’s busters him onto the windshield and they head down to the ring for the first time. Perry manages a posting and grabs a hanging DDT off the barricade to make it worse.

A trashcan is thrown inside and Perry loads up Coast To Coast, only to drop down and flip off the fans instead. Hook slugs away but gets German suplexed for two. A superkick connects for Perry but Hook is right back with some rolling German suplexes. Perry knocks him down again and gets in some trashcan shots, only to miss a moonsault. Hook pounds him down and grabs Redrum to get the title back at 8:35.

Result: Hook b. Jack Perry – Redrum (8:35)

And now, the real show.

Real World Title: CM Punk vs. Samoa Joe

Punk is defending. They take their time to start with Punk driving him into the corner and hitting a chop, which doesn’t sit well with Joe. It sits with him so unwell that Joe starts snapping off the jabs and tying him in the ropes (like a see saw, a Terry Funk spot) for the chops. Punk is back up and sends him to the floor, with Joe walking away from the slingshot dive.

Joe hits the running boot against the barricade before swinging him through the base of the announcers’ table in a nasty crash. Back in and Joe plows through him with a shoulder and gives that casual look to the camera. Punk is busted open bad and the corner enziguri makes it even worse. Another big boot sets up the backsplash for two and Joe is looking a bit frustrated.

The MuscleBuster is broken up though and Punk scores with a head kick for the double knockdown. Punk kicks him down again for one as Joe Hulks Up, followed by the powerslam for two. Punk’s running knee in the corner is countered into a powerbomb into the STF into the crossface but Punk rolls him up to escape.

Another kick to the head puts Joe down again, meaning it’s time for the spinning toehold (JR: “God bless Terry Funk.”). With that broken up, Punk charges into the release Rock Bottom out of the corner. A superplex is broken up with a bite to Joe’s head (the fans don’t like that) and it’s the Pepsi Plunge (middle rope Pedigree) to retain the title at 13:57.

Result: CM Punk b. Samoa Joe – Pepsi Plunge (13:57)

Punk takes some time to soak in the crowd and even shows some respect to Joe on the way out.

We recap the Golden Elite (Kenny Omega/Hangman Page/Kota Ibushi) vs. Bullet Club Gold/Konosuke Takeshita. This is more about Kenny Omega vs. Don Callis, the latter of whom sent his goons to attack Omega. Now it’s about revenge as the numbers are even.

Golden Elite vs. Bullet Club Gold/Konosuke Takeshita

The Gunns are at ringside and Don Callis is on commentary. Page and Robinson start things off with a headlock not going very far. Omega comes in to chop away at Robinson before Ibushi and White come in to chop it out. Ibushi gets shouldered down but nips up and tells White to bring it. Omega comes in for the running Fameasser before it’s off to Takeshita, who sends Ibushi outside. A hurricanrana sends Takeshita outside and the Rise of the Terminator dive takes out Takeshita and White.

Back in and Omega misses a high crossbody and seems to have hurt his wrist. Ibushi makes the save and forearms it out with Takeshita as everything breaks down. JR: “You can disqualify someone you know!” We settle back down to White working on the leg before Robinson comes in to work on the (other) leg. A suplex sends Omega’s legs into the ropes for two (JR: “That was a weak a** cover.”) but Omega is back up for the slugout.

Omega plants Robinson and rolls over but the Gunns break up the tag attempt. Not that it matters as the hot tag brings Page in a few seconds later. White gets taken down and a slingshot dive hits Robinson on the floor. There’s the suicide dive to White but the Deadeye is broken up back inside. White flips forward and lands in front of Ibushi, who strikes him down and sets up the standing moonsault.

Omega and Ibushi hit moonsaults to the floor (with Ibushi slipping and having to settle for a bottom rope version). Back in and White gets triple teamed, setting up a half and half suplex. The big knee is blocked though and White manages the swinging Rock Bottom for a breather. We get the big Omega vs. Takeshita forearm off but Omega has to snapdragon Robinson.

The Blue Thunder Bomb gives Takeshita two on Omega, who is right back with a piledriver for the same. Omega plants Robinson and Page adds a super flipping fall away slam for two on Takeshita. The Gunns break up the Buckshot Lariat so Page takes out the Gunns instead. Omega is back in to set up the Buckshot to Takeshita but Omega has to escape the Bladerunner. One heck of a V Trigger rocks Robinson but Takeshita rolls Omega up with tights for the pin at 20:36.

Result: Don Callis/Bullet Club Gold b. Golden Elite – Rollup with tights to Omega (20:36)

We recap FTR defending the Tag Team Titles against the Young Bucks. They’re both great teams, they’ve split the first two matches, it’s the rubber match for the titles and bragging rights.

Tag Team Titles: FTR vs. Young Bucks

The Bucks are challenging. Harwood and Nick start things off, with neither being able to get much of an advantage. Wheeler comes in for a quickly broken headlock and Nick grabs a slam. That doesn’t last long as Wheeler takes him down, allowing Harwood to pick Wheeler up for a legdrop. Everything breaks down and it’s a double slugout until a double clothesline (not that kind) leaves everyone down.

The Bucks nip up and clothesline them to the floor, where a boot and spear put FTR down again. Back in and a superkick hits Wheeler, setting up the Swanton into the ropes for two. A middle rope elbow (ala Bret Hart) hits Wheeler but he manages a suplex to Matt for a needed breather. Wheeler fights them off again and dives over for the hot tag to Harwood. Nick is suplexed onto Matt, who has to escape some rolling German suplexes. That doesn’t work for Harwood, who hits another suplex but Matt reverses into the rolling northern lights suplexes.

Another northern lights suplex gives Matt two and the fans seem impressed. Nick comes back in with a knee to Harwood, who counters a springboard into a slingshot sitout powerbomb for two. The Sharpshooter goes on, with Wheeler adding his own to Matt on the apron. Both of those are broken up and we get a needed double breather. Nick superplexes Harwood but a pair of top rope splashes only hit raised knees.

Back up and a spike piledriver gets two on Nick and Harwood’s cradle gets the same. The Shatter Machine is broken up and Nick backslides Harwood for two. The Bucks hit their own spike piledriver for two but the Meltzer Driver is broken up. Instead Matt rolls Harwood up for two as Nick dives onto Wheeler. The BTE Trigger misses and Wheeler is back in to spear Matt to the floor.

FTR hits their own BTE Trigger into the Shatter Machine for two on Matt. Wheeler misses a springboard 450 and gets superkicked down for two. Now the BTE Trigger can connect for two, with Harwood possibly making the save. Harwood knows what’s coming and walks into the Shatter Machine, setting up another BTE Trigger for two more. The Meltzer Driver is broken up again though and it’s a Shatter Machine to retain the titles at 21:39.

Result: FTR b. Young Bucks – Shatter Machine to Matt (21:39)

We recap Stadium Stampede. The Blackpool Combat Club don’t like Eddie Kingston and the Best Friends so they’ve both gotten some backup for a ten man war all around the stadium.

Best Friends/Orange Cassidy/Eddie Kingston/Penta El Zero Miedo vs. Blackpool Combat Club/Ortiz/Mike Santana

Kingston charges Castagnoli to start fast in the aisle and the fight is on. Everyone pairs off and Chuck hits a big running flip dive. Castagnoli and Kingston fight up towards the entrance as Moxley has a branding iron. The Street Sweeper is broken up by Penta, who swings a rather mean chair. Sling Blades take the two of them down as we go split screen to throw a backstage fight between Kingston and Castagnoli.

Moxley cutters Penta and gives him a Paradigm Shift, but Penta is back with some skewers to pound into Moxley’s head. Penta is right back up with Made In Japan for two before Cassidy adds the lazy kicks. That doesn’t work for Moxley, who takes Cassidy down and gouges him with the skewers. The brawling continues with Kingston (bleeding) and Castagnoli continue brawling in stadium, this time with Castagnoli being sent off some steps.

Trent gets planted for a top rope splash from Santana and there’s a powerbomb onto some chairs to Penta. A piledriver onto the chairs drops Penta again and cue the medics to check on him. Moxley grabs a fork and stabs Cassidy in the head, which he then bites for good measure. Trent comes back in and gets hit in the face with a barbed wire board as we see Chuck and Wheeler fighting in the back. They join up with Kingston and Castagnoli, with Santana and Ortiz joining in. Chuck makes the save with an umbrella (because England) as a ladder is set up in the ring.

Trent gets dropped onto said ladder as Taylor and Kingston are fighting in a box somewhere. A powerbomb puts Trent onto the ladder as Moxley gets a barbed wire board. Ortiz stabs Cassidy some more and Trent gets piledriven onto the steps.

The Club takes things up to the ramp but SUE is back in the minivan. Moxley steals a kiss from her, which cannot be the best idea. Trent is somehow still alive and Sue throws in some cookie sheets to start the comeback. Cue Penta, now all in red and evil as Penta Obscuro, to take over. They head back to the ring where Penta Canadian Destroys Santana through a table. Wheeler’s screwdriver gets stuck in the turnbuckle, allowing Chuck to hit Soul Food.

Chuck adds an Awful Waffle but Cassidy gets caught in the Giant Swing (21 revolutions). Cassidy is back up with three straight Orange Punches for two on Castagnoli before he finds some tape to wrap around his hand. Said hand is then put into a bucket of class, which sticks to the tape and this can’t go well. Moxley breaks that up and Castagnoli takes Cassidy down again. Cue Kingston with a barbed wire chair to go face to face with Moxley but Castagnoli rolls him up for two. Kingston cleans house and spears Moxley into the barbed wire board. Cassidy is back up with the Orange Punch to pin Castagnoli at 21:15.

Result: Best Friends/Penta El Cero Miedo/Orange Cassidy/Eddie Kingston b. Santana/Ortiz/Blackpool Combat Club – Orange Punch to Castagnoli (21:15)

We recap the Women’s Title match, with Hikaru Shida defending against Toni Storm, Saraya and Britt Baker. Shida took the title from Storm so this is her rematch, while the other two won qualifying matches to get here.

Women’s Title: Saraya vs. Britt Baker vs. Toni Storm vs. Hikaru Shida

Shida is defending and Saraya has her family here, complete with We Will Rock You as an entrance theme. It’s a brawl to start with Shida being sent outside, meaning the Outcasts get to beat up Baker. The running hip attack connects in the corner but Storm and Saraya argue over who should get to cover. Shida comes back in with a double noggin knocker before hammering away at Storm in the corner.

Saraya makes a save and Storm hip attacks Shida to the floor. Saraya’s mother holds Baker on the floor but Storm’s running forearm misses, with said mother having to be held back. Back in and Saraya forearms Storm a few times, with Storm chopping her back to even things up. The bottom turnbuckle pad is ripped off and Storm loads up another hip attack in said corner, only to have Ruby Soho run in for the save.

The Scorpion Crosslock goes on Storm but Baker adds a Stomp to get two. Shida is back in for the torture rack drop (that still doesn’t work) to Saraya. The top rope Meteora gets two, followed by the Katana for the same with Baker making the save. Lockjaw is blocked and Saraya comes in with the spray paint to Storm, setting up the Nightcap for the pin and the title at 8:49.

Result: Saraya b. Britt Baker, Toni Storm and Hikaru Shida – Nightcap to Storm (8:49)

We recap the Coffin match, which is Sting/Darby Allin vs. the makeshift team of Christian Cage/Swerve Strickland. It’s kind of a preview for Allin vs. Luchasaurus next week, as the heel team isn’t the most logical pairing.

Sting/Darby Allin vs. Christian Cage/Swerve Strickland

Coffin (casket) match, with Swerve getting rapped to the ring. Sting and Allin have an old British style entrance….before switching to Metallica’s Seek And Destroy (a song Sting used at times in WCW). It’s a brawl to start with Sting getting into a showdown with Christian. Sting finds a cricket bat to clean house and the good guys get the thumbtack jackets. With that broken up, Swerve chokes Sting with the cricket bat as Christian tapes Allin’s hands together behind his back.

Allin can still avoid a charge and hit a moonsault, followed by a dive with hands still tied up. The villains cut him off again but Allin’s hands get free and he slugs away. Sting is back in and takes Swerve outside for an apron splash through a table. Allin puts Christian in a chair and missile dropkicks him back out but it’s too early to close Christian in the coffin. Luchasaurus makes the save but here is Nick Wayne to go after him and they fight to the back.

That lets Allin load up a Coffin Drop onto Swerve onto the coffin. Allin only hits Coffin though and egads that’s a nasty landing. Back in and Sting gets the Scorpion Deathlock on Christian but Swerve makes the save with a chair. That just fires Sting up and he fights back on Swerve. Cage breaks that up with the cricket bat and a Swerve Stomp knocks Sting silly. With Allin knocked down again, Sting is put in the coffin but finds a bat to keep the lid open. Allin is back with a TNT Title shot to Christian as Sting Death Drops Swerve. That’s not enough to finish, so Allin adds the Coffin Drop for the win at 15:31.

Result: Sting/Darby Allin b. Christian Cage/Swerve Strickland – Strickland was closed in the coffin (15:31)

We recap Will Osprey vs. Chris Jericho, which is more about Jericho vs. Don Callis.

Here is Fozzy to perform Judas live. Cool moment and it must mean a lot for the band.

Chris Jericho vs. Will Ospreay

Sammy Guevara and Don Callis are the seconds. Ospreay starts fast by sending him outside for the sky twister to the floor (with Jericho looking to get a knee to the head). Back in and they slug it out until Jericho sends him to the floor for a baseball slide. Ospreay gets dropped hard onto the apron with a German suplex, followed by a regular suplex back inside.

Jericho flips off the crowd, which is probably a good idea given what Ospreay is going to be in a match like this. A super hurricanrana gives Jericho two but Ospreay drapes him over the top. The shooting star to the back gives Ospreay two but another springboard is Backstabbed out of the air.

A Codebreaker gets two on Ospreay, who is right back with the Oscutter for two of his own. Stormbreaker is countered into the Walls but Ospreay slips out and they slug away on the mat. A Spanish Fly gives Ospreay two and a collision makes him get all fired up. Stormbreaker into the Hidden Blade into another Stormbreaker finishes Jericho at 14:56.

Result: Will Ospreay b. Chris Jericho – Stormbreaker (14:56)

Nigel McGuinness announces tonight’s attendance: 81,035.

We recap the Trios Titles match. The House Of Black beat the Acclaimed and Billy Gunn, with the latter retiring. Then the House kept attacking the Acclaimed so the OLD Gunn is back for revenge.

Trios Titles: House Of Black vs. Acclaimed/Billy Gunn

The Acclaimed/Gunn are challenging and anything goes, with Caster’s rap including a Harry Potter joke. The House one ups them though by bringing out a lantern for a Bray Wyatt tribute. It’s a brawl to start with Black busting out an early but possibly hurting his leg. More dives connect but Billy’s is cut off. Julia Hart comes in and is told to….well something, followed by Scissor Me Timbers.

King is back in to take Gunn outside but misses a charge into the barricade. Back in and Gunn clotheslines down Black and Matthews before the One And Only (cobra clutch slam) gets two. The Arrival looks to set up the Mic Drop but Matthews makes the save. Bowens elbows Matthews in the head over and over but gets sent into the corner.

A Cannonball/stereo running knees to the head get two, with Caster making the save. King busts out the chain, which accidentally hits Black in the head instead. Bowens is back up with the jumping Fameasser, setting up the real thing from Gunn but Hart pulls the referee. Black kicks Gunn in the head for two and can’t believe the kickout. Dante’s Inferno is broken up, leaving King alone with all three challengers. The Fameasser into the Arrival into the Mic Drop gives us new champions at 9:49.

Result: Acclaimed/Billy Gunn b. House Of Black – Mic Drop to King (9:49)

Post match the House hands over the titles, allowing Bowens to present Gunn with the title.

We recap the World Title match. Adam Cole and MJF went to a time limit draw in a non-title match, then became friends and now ROH Tag Team Champions. Now it’s about the World Title though, with the question of whether one will turn on the other.

AEW World Title: Maxwell Jacob Friedman vs. Adam Cole

MJF is defending with the full Devil entrance, complete with a throne and worshippers. They’re both wearing shirts and go to the mat with neither being able to get very far. Back up and MJF sends him into the ropes for a strut and a Rick Rude style hip swivel. Cole takes him down as well and hits the catchphrase, but MJF wants a handshake. MJF: “SPORTSMANSHIP!” Then he gets in a cheap shot to Cole and gives that great evil grin of his.

Cole is back with the fireman’s carry onto the knee for two as things have gotten a lot more serious. MJF gets pulled into the corner so Cole can grab a chinlock as Taz and Nigel argue on commentary. Cole knocks him down again and shouts that he’s better than MJF before ripping off MJF’s shirt. MJF gets serious or a change and hammers away in the corner before biting Cole’s head. Cole is sent outside and MJF hits a dive of his own, giving us a great stunned face.

Back in and MJF hits a top rope double stomp on the arm, sending them into a pinfall reversal sequence. MJF counters a leapfrog into a powerbomb backbreaker for two and they’re both down. They head outside with Cole brainbustering him onto the steps for the big knockdown. That’s good for a close nine count but MJF collapses before the Panama Sunrise can launch. A Tombstone onto the announcers’ table gets two on MJF back inside in quite the near fall.

Cole hits a running Canadian Destroyer but MJF pops up for a low superkick to leave them both down. They both shout DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE, clothesline each other, and go to a double pin at 19:00. Hold on though as Cole wants five more minutes, but MJF says they’re going until they have a winner. The referee gets bumped and they grab a chair, with both of them faking being hit by said chair (MJF even wraps it around his neck). The referee isn’t having this so MJF hits a Heatseeker for two.

Cole hits a straitjacket suplex on the apron and MJF crashes out to the floor. That’s not enough for Cole, who hits a Panama Sunrise on the floor to knock him sillier. Back in and Cole loads up another Panama Sunrise but MJF pulls the referee into the way again. MJF loads up the diamond ring but can’t do it. Cue Roderick Strong to kick MJF low (Cole didn’t see it), allowing Cole to look around and hit the Panama Sunrise. The Boom connects for an incredibly delayed near fall so Cole picks up the title….but throws it away. MJF grabs a small package to retain at 28:59.

Result: Maxwell Jacob Friedman b. Adam Cole – Small package (28:59)

Post match MJF tries to tell Cole that they’re still friends but Cole kicks him away. MJF shouts about how Cole was always all about the title and throws it to him, telling Cole to do it already and turning his back. Cole drops the title again, despite Strong getting on the apron to yell at him to do it. MJF and Cole hug, with the Kingdom holding Strong back to end the show.

Oh one more thing: they’re back in Wembley next year for All In 2024.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman/Adam Cole b. Aussie Open – Double clothesline to Fletcher
Hook b. Jack Perry – Redrum
CM Punk b. Samoa Joe – Pepsi Plunge
Bullet Club Gold/Konosuke Takeshita b. Golden Elite – Rollup with tights to Omega
FTR b. Young Bucks – Shatter Machine to Matt
Orange Cassidy/Best Friends/Eddie Kingston/Penta El Cero Miedo b. Blackpool Combat Club/Ortiz/Mike Santana – Orange Punch to Castagnoli
Saraya b. Hikaru Shida, Britt Baker and Toni Storm – Nightcap to Storm
Darby Allin/Sting b. Christian Cage/Swerve Strickland – Strickland was put in the coffin
Will Ospreay b. Chris Jericho – Stormbreaker
Billy Gunn/Acclaimed b. House Of Black – Mic Drop to King
Maxwell Jacob Friedman b. Adam Cole – Small package

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