Impact Wrestling
Date: May 2, 2024
Location: Palms Casino Resort, Paradise, Nevada
Commentators: Matthew Rehwoldt, Tom Hannifan

We are in a bit of a unique place here as we have more fallout from Rebellion and only one day before Under Siege. The latter is not looking to be the strongest card and could use something of a boost. Hopefully we get something like that this week though you never can tell around here. Let’s get to it.

Opening recap.

Opening sequence.

First Class is in a box to see Joe Hendry’s in-ring apology.

Mustafa Ali vs. Chris Bey

Non-title and Ali’s security/Ace Austin are here too. They fight over wrist control to start until Ali elbow shim in the face to take over. Bey is sent throat first into the ropes but he manages to knock Ali into the Tree of Woe. A Coast To Coast elbow gives Bey two but Ali pulls him down off the top with a nasty crash. One heck of a whip into the corner puts Ali down again and they slug it out.

Ali’s rollup with feet on the ropes is broken up by Austin, who gets taken down by a dive. Bey dives onto Ali, who is right back with a superkick inside. Back up and Bey grabs a Vertebreaker of all things for two and they fight out to the apron. Ali hits a German suplex but misses the 450, allowing Bey to hit the cutter. The security guard gets in a flag pole shot to drop Bey though and the 450 gives Ali the pin at 10:38.

Result: Mustafa Ali b. Chris Bey – 450 (10:38)

Dani Luna vs. Alisha Edwards

Jody Threat and Masha Slamovich are here and Lars Frederiksen is on commentary. Luna forearms her down hard to start but Edwards sends her throat first into the middle rope. The trash talk takes too long though and Luna is back up with a Blue Thunder Bomb but Slamovich gets up for a distraction. Threat goes after Edwards but the distraction lets Slamovich kick Luna in the head for the pin at 3:27.

Result: Alisha Edwards b. Dani Luna – Kick to the head from Masha Slamovich (3:27)

Sami Callihan has his own show called Death Machine TV, where he says…that he has a show. End of first episode.

Cody Deaner vs. Hammerstone

Before the match, Deaner says Santino Marella has allowed them to add a stipulation. It’s the people’s choice and they seem to like Deaner’s idea of a street fight. Deaner slugs away to start and grabs a trashcan lid but gets kicked in the face for taking too long. An annoyed Hammerstone sends him outside and then into the post as we take an early break.

Back with Hammerstone easily blocking a suplex and choking on the ropes. A gorilla press drop onto an open chair has Deaner writhing in pain but for some reason he tries a slam. This goes as well as you would expect, though he manages to escape the Nightmare Pendulum. Now a slam onto the chair puts Hammerstone down and it’s time to bring in a table. That takes too long and it’s a chokeslam to put Deaner through the table. The torture rack gives Hammerstone the win at 10:05.

Result: Alex Hammerstone b. Cody Deaner – Torture rack (10:05)

Post match the beatdown is on but Jake Something makes the save.

Nic Nemeth’s neck is banged up but Matt Hardy will take his place.

Hardy and Speedball Mountain is ready to defeat the System. Hardy does his Broken stuff and says they will render the System obsolete.

Santino Marella sits down with Jonathan Gresham and welcomes him back. They shake hands and Santino leaves, with what seems like Gresham in the octopus mask replacing him. We cut to Santino washing his hands.

Still in their box, First Class introduces Joe Hendry for the in-ring apology. Hendry comes to the ring with a guitar and says their issues started with a song, meaning they have to end the same way. He sings the first song he wrote about AJ Francis’ failures, which would have been bad enough.

That means we need to hear the second song, which focuses on Francis’ ineptness with dives. This time we need an apology though and Hendry is going to go go higher, meaning it’s time for a Creed inspired theme about how Francis needs to get fired, like he has twice before. Hendry: “I’m sorry.” And that’s it, with the fans loving Hendry even more.

Here is the System for a chat. They promise to win at Under Siege and that’s about it.

Trey Miguel vs. Ace Austin

Zachary Wentz and Chris Bey are here and the winner gets the X-Division Title shot at Under Siege. They fight over a lockup to start with Austin taking him to the mat before letting it go in a unique look. Both of them try dropkicks and go to the mat, which draws up both of their respective partners. Miguel gets rolled up for two but comes up favoring his knee, meaning it’s time to roll outside. The distraction lets Wentz get in a cheap shot and Miguel is rather fine with a slingshot dive as we take a break.

Back with Austin getting two off another rollup but Miguel chokes away in the corner. A moonsault hits raised knees though and Austin gets a much needed breather. Austin’s springboard spinning kick to the head gets two but Miguel’s jumping stomp to the back gets the same. The Cheeky Nandos kick staggers Austin again and a super sunset flip gives Miguel two. Not that it matters as Austin hits a quick stomp into the Fold for the pin/the title shot at 13:02.

Result: Ace Austin b. Trey Miguel – Fold (13:02)

Josh Alexander and Eric Young are ready for Frankie Kazarian and Steve Maclin.

Under Siege rundown.

Knockouts Title: Jordynne Grace vs. Miyu Yamashita

Yamashita is challenging and Ash By Elegance is watching from a skybox. They fight over wrist control to start with Grace rolling away for a break. A kick to the chest puts Grace down but she snaps off a reverse fisherman’s suplex as we take a break. Back with Grace getting planted hard onto the apron for two as Ash seems rather interested. They fight over a choke and…I’m not actually sure who is in trouble but Grace rolls to the ropes to break it up.

Grace is fired up and grabs some slams but a hard kick leaves them both down. They both head up top with Yamashita kneeing away until Grace backdrops her down to the mat. The Juggernaut Driver is blocked so Grace hits a clothesline instead. A spinning kick to the head gives Yamashita two but Grace shrugs it off and grabs the Juggernaut Driver to retain at 9:45.

Result: Jordynne Grace b. Miyu Yamashita – Juggernaut Driver (9:45)

Post match respect is shown and Yamashita leaves, allowing Steph de Lander to run in and jump Grace. Kon shows up to twist Grace’s neck but PCO appears for the save. The villains are cleared out to end the show.

Mustafa Ali b. Chris Bey – 450
Alisha Edwards b. Dani Luna – Spinning kick to the head from Masha Slamovich
Hammerstone b. Cody Deaner – Torture rack
Ace Austin b. Trey Miguel – The Fold
Jordynne Grace b. Miyu Yamashita – Juggernaut Driver

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