Current WWE official Charles Robinson recently spoke with former on-air personality Sean Mooney on his podcast “Prime Time.” During the interview, Robinson reviewed new instructions that Vince McMahon has given to all referees.

According to Robinson, Vince has said that that if wrestlers aren’t paying attention to the ten-count outside the ring, then they are to count them out, even if that was not the planned finish. Robinson noted that one of the things that they often have to do is hold up on counts after eight because they realize that the competitors won’t make it back into the ring by ten.

Wrestling Incstates that this rule might have been in place since the summer, since this appeared to occur during Shorty G’s debut on 205 Live against Gentleman Jack Gallagher. You can see a clip from that match below:

[h/t to Wrestling Observer Newsletter]

Editor’s Opinion:

This is an interesting rule and one that I wouldn’t have expected from Vince. You would think that he would want everything to go as planned and for the script to be followed as closely as possible. Would these rules still hold up at a high-profile event like WrestleMania?

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