• Here’s The Funny Way A WrestleMania Story Was Started

    It has to start somewhere. There are a few different kinds of stories that are always going to work in wrestling and they can get some nice reactions. Every now...

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  • Possible Next Challengers For New WWE Champions

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  • VIDEO: Surprise Heel Turn On SmackDown

    Long overdue? There are only so many ways to present any given wrestler and that can make things complicated. At some point, a wrestler just needs a shakeup or a...

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  • Another Big Name Confirmed For Royal Rumble Match

    That’s a big one. We are three weeks away from the Royal Rumble and that means the card is mostly taking shape. There are a lot of names on the...

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  • Backstage News On Why Otis Is Receiving Extra Training

    That’s not the best reputation. One of the perks of WWE is having all kinds of different wrestlers being brought into the company from around the world. Several wrestlers are...

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  • Here’s Why The Survivor Series Elimination Team Builds Felt Rushed

    They made it work. Survivor Series has come and gone and that means things are going to get back to normal in a hurry. Above all else, the biggest story...

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  • Final Three SmackDown Survivor Series Team Spots Filled

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  • Backstage News On Why Miz Became Mr. Money In The Bank

    It does make sense. Money In The Bank is a concept that has been around for quite a long time now, with the original edition taking place all the way...

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  • WWE May Have Already Reversed A Draft Move

    Where are you again? Earlier this month, WWE presented its annual Draft over the course of two nights. It was another huge event which changed a lot about the way...

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  • Surprise Turn Takes Place At Hell In A Cell, Leads To Big Change

    It had to end. Tag teams do not have the best track record in WWE, as the company seems to enjoy splitting them up fairly frequently. That can make for...

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