Odyssey Jones

  • WRESTLING RUMORS: WWE Shifting New Superstar From Monday Night Raw To SmackDown

    To the other side. There are so many wrestlers on the WWE roster that it can be difficult to keep track of all of them. Some of those stars are...

    NewsJuly 27, 2023
  • Two Surprise Returns Take Place On NXT

    NewsOctober 26, 2022
  • Get Well Soon: Bad Injury Update On NXT Star

    It can happen to anyone. As bad as it sounds, the reality is that injuries are one of the few universal problems for any wrestler. You never know when you...

    NewsJanuary 26, 2022
  • WRESTLING RUMORS: Injury Takes Place Before This Week’s NXT

    That’s never good to hear. Injuries are one of the true constants in wrestling as any wrestler can be hurt at any time. It can make for some terrible moments,...

    NewsJanuary 12, 2022
  • New NXT Wrestlers Get Dark Match Tryouts Before SmackDown

    Keep them moving. NXT has a weird role to play in the wrestling world as not only does it have its own television to worry about, but it also has...

    NewsJuly 2, 2021