Kairi Sane

  • Another Rather Surprising Name Discussed For The Royal Rumble

    Welcome back? The Royal Rumble is taking place later this week and that means it is time for fans to speculate on who might be in the show’s namesake matches....

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  • Another Former WWE Star Now A Free Agent, Turned Down Chance To Re-Sign

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  • Another Former Champion Seems To Be Done With WWE

    So much for that? A lot of people have left WWE over the last few years and not all of them have been voluntary. Several of them been forced out...

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  • WWE Not Allowing Kairi Sane To Make Appearance In Japan

    An international incident. While WWE has a lot of people on its active roster, it has quite a few people who do things that do not make it to television....

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  • WATCH: Kairi Sane Says Goodbye To WWE

    She’s going to teach you how to say goodbye. WWE has posted a new video to its YouTube channel, in which they show Kairi Sane saying goodbye to the WWE...

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  • Kairi Sane Confirms WWE Departure In Emotional Posts

    It was nice while it lasted. Just like any other company, WWE is going to have some people come and go over the years. That doesn’t mean they aren’t incredibly...

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  • Kairi Sane’s Final WWE Date Revealed

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  • VIDEO: Major Challenge Issued On Raw Talk

    She is the future. Back in April, Becky Lynch took a hiatus from WWE as she went onto maternity leave. That is an incredible story, but at the same time,...

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  • RUMOR: Kairi Sane Leaving WWE Not A Guarantee

    Not so fast? While WWE is the pinnacle of the wrestling business for a lot of people, it might not be the end goal for everyone in the business. There...

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  • Two Former Champions Return To WWE TV

    Welcome back and welcome back. There are a lot of wrestlers on the WWE’s multiple rosters and occasionally, some of them are going to come and go. That can make...

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