• There Is One Specific Area Where WWE Is Dominating AEW

    That’s a strong point. WWE and AEW are the two most dominant wrestling promotions in the world with almost no one else even close to them. That seems likely to...

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  • Rather Bad News For WWE Coming Out Of Survivor Series

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  • More Bad WrestleMania 36 News, Interest Plummeting Between Days

    It’s more bad news. When the history books are written, Wrestlemania 36 is going to have as many asterisks next to it as any wrestling event of all time. There...

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  • Watch: John Cena Answers Most Commonly Asked Google Questions About Himself

    16-time WWE Champion John Cena may be one of the most hilarious wrestlers out there, as evidenced in his video with Wired as he answers the most commonly asked Google...

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