Charly Caruso

  • WWE Talent Officially Gone From Company, Moving Elsewhere

    Make sure to write. There are a lot of people who work for WWE and all of them have something to do with making the television shows work. Some of...

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  • Popular WWE Name Leaving Soon, Not Expected To Appear Again

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  • It Can Happen To Anyone: Backstage Heat On Charly Caruso

    Go away heat? There are a lot of people involved in making a wrestling show work aside from just the wrestlers. A wrestling show is supposed to tell a story...

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  • WWE’s Charly Caruso Expanding Role With New Show At ESPN

    It’s a great opportunity. There are a lot of people involved in presenting a wrestling show and several of them never actually have a wrestling match. One of the less...

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  • Why WWE Dropped Monday Night Raw Storyline

    That’s pretty straightforward. WWE has a lot of television time to fill and that has been the case for a very long time now. What has also been the case...

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  • Try Some Of Company A, Try Some Of Company B. Charly Caruso To Work For Both WWE And ESPN.

    When the big place comes calling. WWE has a long list of talented interviewers who are mainly tasked with asking questions in backstage segments on all of their television shows....

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  • Lita and Jerry Lawler Removed from WWE Pre-Shows

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