• Call It A Tease? Missing AEW Star Says He Will Be Back And Maybe Soon

    It could be. Last week, AEW debuted its third weekly wrestling series with Collision on Saturday night. This gives the company five hours of television a week, meaning more wrestlers...

    NewsJune 24, 2023
  • Try Again Later: WWE Postpones International Tour

    NewsDecember 2, 2021
  • Coronavirus Causes WWE More Bad News

    It might be a long time. There are so many changes going on all over the place due to the Coronavirus that it isn’t clear how things are going to...

    NewsMay 19, 2020
  • Go North Wrestling Company. WWE May Be Opening A Third NXT Brand.

    The expansion continues. There is a lot of time to fill on the WWE Network and the company certainly likes to spread around the world. The spread has already included...

    NewsJuly 26, 2019
  • Jinder Mahal on His Canadian Heritage and More

    Pick your own Canadian stereotype. Jinder Mahal won the Smackdown World Title back in May and has been pushed as a huge star for the Indian market. However, what people...

    NewsAugust 5, 2017
  • WWE Network Will Air a Live Special on July 4

    WWE Network Now Available on WWE App in Canada

    The WWE Network launched in the United States rather successfully without much issue (sans low-subscriber counts), and has built into a quality platform for the company. However, its international branding...

    NewsMarch 20, 2015
  • WWE Network Will Air a Live Special on July 4

    Details on WWE Network’s Expansion in Canada

    NewsFebruary 13, 2015
  • Major News For the WWE Network in Canada

    WWE Network is now available in most places around the globe, and a major step towards getting it on multiple platforms in Canada has now been taken. As noted by...

    NewsNovember 28, 2014