Billy Corgan

  • Office vs. Locker Room: Backstage Issues Reportedly Causing Issues In NWA

    They might need counseling. There are a lot of wrestling promotions throughout the world and some of them are rather prominent. These are the promotions that have been around for...

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  • Natalya Explains How Close She Came To Quit Wrestling

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  • Popular Weekly Wrestling Series Returning Soon

    That didn’t take long. We are in a golden age for wrestling content. While the wrestling that is available might not be your taste, there is so much material out...

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  • Conflicting Reports About NWA’s Future

    That’s never good to hear. The Coronavirus has changed the look of the wrestling world for good and that is a scary thought to see for a lot of people....

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  • NWA Powerrr Has Another Competitor on YouTube — OVW Will Now Air Live on Tuesday Nights

    NWA Powerrr has brought back a much-appreciated feel to professional wrestling. For those who were fans of old-school studio wrestling, Billy Corgan, Dave Lagana, and the rest of the production...

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  • Billy Corgan on How He Thinks Vince McMahon Treats Talent in WWE

    NWA owner Billy Corgan was interviewed by Busted Open Radio where he spoke about his opinions and thoughts on how Alpha Entertainment LLC and WWE Chairman Vince McMahon treats talent...

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  • Billy Corgan on Impact Wrestling Burying Nick Aldis Backstage

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  • Billy Corgan Discusses Purchasing NWA, The Lies He Faced in TNA

     Former TNA President Billy Corgan was recently interviewed by Sports Illustrated as a part of their “Extra Mustard” series. He discussed a number of topics, including his recent purchase of the...

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  • Billy Corgan to Buy the NWA

    Something about the world being a vampire. Late last year, Billy Corgan tried and failed to buy “Impact Wrestling”, leading to a huge series of lawsuits that saw Corgan frozen...

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  • Update on Billy Corgan’s Lawsuit with TNA, Case Closed

    NewsNovember 28, 2016