• In The Know: Asuka Offers Update And Details On Her Knee Surgery

    It could be a bit. There are all kinds of injuries in wrestling but they all have one underlying result: they all require wrestlers to heal up in some way....

    NewsJune 17, 2024
  • LOOK: Asuka Offers Major Update On Her Injury (And It’s Not Good)

    NewsJune 6, 2024
  • WATCH: Missing WWE Superstar Confirms Injury After Being Pulled From Match

    That’s not good. Injuries are one of the worst things that can happen to a wrestler as you never know how bad things can be. You can see someone get...

    NewsMay 16, 2024
  • Ouch: Update On Asuka’s Injury Status After Missing Monday Night Raw

    Down time. Injuries can derail anything in wrestling as you never know when someone is going to be put out of action. This can change all kinds of plans in...

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  • Out And In: Another WWE Superstar Injured, Out Of Queen Of The Ring

    That’s bad. Injuries are one of the few universal constants in wrestling as they can take out anyone at anytime, either in or out of the ring. Unfortunately they can...

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  • She’s Next: Goldberg Makes Controversial Statements On Asuka Surpassing His Winning Streak

    He’s not a fan. Wrestling has a lot of components to it but at the end of the day, a lot of it is about winning and losing. Fans will...

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  • WRESTLING RUMORS: Reigning WWE Champion Possibly Injured, Pulled From Weekend Live Events

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  • Double Shot: Charlotte Possibly Injured During SmackDown Match

    Uh oh. There are all kinds of injuries in wrestling as it is a very physical sport. There is no way of knowing when someone is going to be hurt...

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  • It’s Official: WWE Stable Officially Adds New Member, Set For Huge Match

    She’s in. There are all kinds of stables in WWE and that has been the case for decades. The company has had a variety of teams with different members doing...

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  • Coming Attractions: NXT Announces John Cena, Cody Rhodes, More For Next Week

    They’re coming. The rise of AEW has changed the wrestling world, including some things for WWE. For the first time in a very long while, WWE has competition with some...

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