Oh no! According to a number of users on Twitter, ‘Raw‘ Superstar and former Smackdown Tag Team Champion Rhyno has had his Twitter account hacked… and it’s bad!

The hack reportedly happened within the past few days and it seems Rhyno has lost his account for good. The hacker has deleted all his previous tweets and changed the handle to @MrJayGG and the name to Jay.

The account still has the verified tick common amongst many wrestlers and authority figures in the world, which may have enticed the hacker to come for the account in the first place.

Since taking over the account, the hacker has only tweeted twice, one of which was asking users to purchase bitcoin- which is an online form of currency that has risen in popularity over the past few years.

The hacker has also unfollowed every account Rhyno was followed too, replacing it with several YouTubers and Twitch personalities including members of the FaZe Clan, Keemstar, and Roman Atwood, to name a few.

To make matters worse, even if Rhyno were to get the account back from the hacker, another user has taken the handle Rhyno used to have, which was @Rhyno313.

We’ve seen reports mentioning that this is a WWE fan, though we believe it is the hacker himself or another user interested in the online video space as they too follow a number of YouTube and Twitch creators.

You can see images of the hacking below:


Wrestling Rumors will update you if this does develop further, though for now @MrJayGG has complete control over the account.

You can find a recent Rhyno match below from an episode of ‘Raw.’

Braun Strowman vs. Rhyno: Raw, Jan. 1, 2018

What are your thoughts on this incident? Do you believe Rhyno will get his account back?

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