Raw Superstar Titus O’Neil, according to WWE.com, may be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe alongside former WWE Superstar Batista.

O’Neil has worked for WWE for years, but he may have his big break in Hollywood. O’Neil took to his Twitter account to reveal he is dropping from 284 pounds to 270 pounds to make weight for an acting role.

He had the following to say in his tweet:

“284lbs now 6weeks from today I’ll be ready for a Lifelong Goal 2be reached&I’m excited about the process to go down to a Leaner 41-year-old 270lb @Marvel Character. Has nothing to do with @WWE but everything to do with being a Blessed Man! @DaveBautista I’ll see you soon.”

Check out his tweet:

As you can see, he is alluding to working with Marvel. In what role? Speculate on our social media!

O’Neil and Batista are very good friends outside the landscape of WWE. It has been well documented in the past that these two are friends, as Batista suggested the leader of Titus Worldwide should leave the company after he was suspended for touching Mr. McMahon on Raw.

Check out what Batista had to say to his friend:

To see this friendship, look no further than the TMZ clip below:

Dave Bautista- Calls Out Vince McMahon...'You F**ked Titus O'Neil' | TMZ Sports

Again, let us know in the comments below which Marvel character you could see O’Neil becoming. We want to hear from you!

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