Nothing brings the wrestling world together more than tragedy or a member of the wrestling community bringing a child into the world. Reby Hardy is the latest to do so, as she has just given birth to a baby boy.

Matt and Reby Hardy tweeted out that Reby has officially given birth to their baby boy at their house in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“Wolfie” Wolfgang Xander Hardy was born at 11:37pm at home with the whole Hardy family present. No word so far on the weight of the baby or any other details, but that should be revealed in due time.

Reby predicted the birth, quoting a tweet from David Lagana saying ‘A Hardy’ which she later said in response to his reply that she might vlog it. While it is unknown if she did, she was active on her Snapchat throughout the day as she showed what the family had been doing in preparation for the birth of Wolfgang.

This is the reason why Matt and Jeff Hardy reportedly lost the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship against Sheamus & Cesaro at ‘Extreme Rules‘ and are taking time off as they weren’t on ‘Raw.’

Wrestling Rumors would like to extend our congratulations to the family on the birth of ‘Wolfie’ Wolfgang Xander Hardy and wish all the best to the Hardy family! We hope Wolfgang is just as healthy as Maxel!


Editor’s Note:

I am so glad to hear Reby finally give birth. I can’t wait to see all the baby content she provides on her social media and I bet Maxel is going to have an amazing time getting to know his baby brother.

What are your thoughts on the birth? Do you care? Let us know in the comments below or over on our Facebook page or Twitter account. Additionally, you can find me on Twitter at @SOSNH1995.


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