WrestlingInc and PWInsider have provided an update into the current health status of Ric Flair following reports he had been taken to hospital.

Ric Flair is undoubtedly one of the biggest, most notable names in the history of professional wrestling. He defines the word ‘iconic,’ as Billie Kay and Peyton Royce like to call themselves ‘nowdays. We highly recommend watching the video below which features several hilarious Flair moments and might bring a smile to your face in this terrible time.

Ric Flair's wildest outbursts

As we previously reported, Flair was hospitalized in Atlanta, Georgia. Originally it was stated that Flair would be going in for a routine check-up. However, things would quickly turn sour as Melinda Morris Zanoni, his agent at Legacy Talent and Entertainment would provide an update via her social media essentially explaining that he is in bad condition.

It may be hard to understand, but Zanoni explains in the first tweet that there is no need to worry and that Flair is fine. Later though, she would say in her second tweet that he is dealing with some tough medical issues. These seem to be due to his heart.

WWE producer Michael Hayes paid a visit to Flair, who is a friend of his. He would back up what Zanoni had said in her tweets. Hayes made sure he had the chance to check in on the ‘Nature Boy’ before he headed to Boston for ‘Raw,’ which airs tonight.

PWInsider would point out that while there is no confirmation on what the problem with Flair is currently, aside from knowing it has to do with the heart, they may have an idea. In his ‘To Be The Man’ autobiography, it is made clear that Flair suffers from what is known as Alcoholic Cardiomyopathy. You can view more information on the problem here. To summarize though, the condition can occur due to a prolonged alcohol abuse and can result in heart failure. The effects of the alcohol damages the myocardium. This makes it unable to efficiently pump blood.

There are also reports out there that, while unconfirmed at this time, do suggest that Flair has been placed in a medically induced coma to help with his current health problems. Wrestling Rumors will keep you up to date on how Flair’s condition is as we learn more.

If you would like to send your own prayers and best wishes to Ric Flair and his family, you can find him on Twitter @RicFlairNatrBoy.

Editor’s Note:

This is so saddening to hear… Hopefully sooner rather than later, Ric is out of the hospital and totally fine.


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