• It’s A Good Day: Big E Offers Very Positive Health Update

    That could be worse. Injuries are one of the few universal problems in wrestling and there is no way around them. No matter who you are, there is always the...

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  • WATCH: Jim Duggan’s Inspirational Message About His Health Issues (This Is Great)

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  • Omos Reveals His One Of A Kind Medical Issues

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  • Wrestling Legend Reveals Very Bad Health News

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  • Scott Hall On Life Support After Suffering Three Heart Attacks

    Please get better. Wrestlers are a lot of things, including some of the most over the top, larger than life characters that you will see in all of television. They...

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  • William Regal Shoots Down Story About His Severe Health Issues

    He would know. While the in-ring action is important to a wrestling show, it is often not the most important part. You also need a reason to stick around and...

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  • AEW Legend Gives Great Update On His Health

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  • Hulk Hogan Reportedly Undergoing Serious Health Issues

    He’s a big one. There are legends in the wrestling world and then there is Hulk Hogan. While the last few years have not seen him painted in the best...

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  • Wrestling Legend Reveals Serious Health Troubles Caused By Alcohol Abuse

    It could be worse. One of the more surprising wrestling stories of the year was the announcement that AEW’s Jon Moxley would be entering rehab for alcohol issues. The story...

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  • Wrestling Legend Undergoes Health Setback After Fall

    Hopefully things get better. Wrestlers have a strange career trajectory, as they are likely to be retired from the ring by their mid 40s, but can still pop back in...

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