• On The Mend: Health Update On Jim Ross, AEW Status

    That’s an acceptable reason. Wrestlers have a lot of responsibilities and details to deal with as they go about their jobs. It all boils down to being able to get...

    NewsMay 25, 2024
  • Get Well Soon: Jim Ross Went To The ER Due To Shortness Of Breath

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  • Fit For A King: Jerry Lawler Offers Big Health Update, Reveals Major Procedure

    That’s a positive. There are all kinds of physical issues that can give wrestlers trouble throughout their careers, though some of them do not show up until after their career...

    NewsMay 5, 2024
  • That’s A Relief: Former WWE Star Reveals Health Scare, Nearly Died

    That could be a lot worse. There have been so many wrestlers throughout history that it would be almost impossible to keep track of them all. Most of them do...

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  • Ouch: Major Health Update On Kenny Omega, Not Going Well

    It has to be done. There are certain injuries that come up in wrestling over and over again. No matter what is going on, there is always a chance that...

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  • Still Waiting: Medical Update On AEW’s Kenny Omega (And It’s Not Good)

    On the mend. There are all kinds of health issues that a wrestler might face and many of them are caused by what they do in the ring. At the...

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  • That’s Great: Maryse Offers Update On Her Health Status Following Serious Diagnosis

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  • Out For Now: WWE Wrestler Pulled From Active Roster With Serious Medical Issue

    That’s a serious one. There are all kinds of reasons for a wrestler to miss time from the ring and some of them can be rather horrible. This can often...

    NewsMarch 19, 2024
  • Get Well: Former WWE Superstar Reportedly Suffers Series Of Strokes, “Not Doing Good”

    That’s serious. There are all kinds of health issues that wrestlers have to face throughout their careers, but the problems do not end there. Once their careers are over, there...

    NewsFebruary 9, 2024
  • He Would Know: Seth Rollins Offers Encouraging Update On His WrestleMania 40 Status

    That’s not too long. We are less than two months away from WrestleMania 40. WWE’s biggest show of the year will be taking place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in an NFL...

    NewsFebruary 8, 2024