Ken Shamrock was on Wrestledelphia radio with Mark Whited where he spoke on potentially coming back to WWE and CM Punk leaving for UFC.

Shamrock was a prominent wrestler, having started his career back in 1990. He was involved with WWF from 1997 to late 1999 where he exited the company to resume a career in MMA. During his time in WWE, he won the Intercontinental Championship, had a Tag Team Championship title reign with Big Boss Man and also won the 1998 King of the Ring.

Since he has that history with the company, one might question why he hasn’t came back since that time, even if for a brief stint. Shamrock spoke to Whited about this:

“I doubt it. I’ve been saying this for years. I’m not understanding that with everybody that I’ve seen come back – Kurt Angle, The Rock – how isn’t Ken Shamrock there? If anybody makes sense in coming back and doing something with those guys coming back, there is no other better person than myself.”

While he was on the show, he also spoke about his thoughts on Punk leaving the wrestling industry to compete in UFC:

“I thought [CM Punk] took more of a risk than myself, Brock [Lesnar], or anybody else. His background isn’t in wrestling, as far as amateur. His background isn’t in mixed martial arts. His background is just in pro wrestling. So for him to go from pro wrestling, which he was a superstar in, into the MMA world – where he didn’t have any kind of background with submissions or grappling – and going into [UFC], that was a big risk…I thought he did a great job and applaud him for what he did.”

If you would like to see Shamrock and a former WWE wrestler by the name of Steve Blackman compete in what was known as a ‘Lion’s Den’ match, you could do so by watching the video we have provided down below.

Ken Shamrock vs. Steve Blackman - Lion's Den Match

What are your thoughts on a possible Shamrock return? Does it interest you? Do you keep up with Punk in UFC?

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