• Wrestling Legend Announces Final Match(es) Of His Career(s)

    Fare thee well. Wrestlers have a weird situation when it comes to retiring as they are able to get back in the ring for a one off match here or...

    NewsSeptember 7, 2022
  • WATCH: Edge Announces Retirement Plans After Emotional Monday Night Raw

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  • Uh Oh? WWE Officially Worried About Vince McMahon’s Retirement

    It could be a downgrade. Earlier this year, the wrestling world saw the biggest change in several years as Vince McMahon officially retired from WWE. While McMahon remains the majority...

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  • Wrestling Legend Refuses One More Match, “Not Even For F****** Saudi Money”

    He’s done. Wrestlers are a bit unique when it comes to retirement. While mainstream athletes have to come back for a full season at a time, a wrestler is able...

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  • She’s An All Timer: Mickie James Hints At Retiring From The Ring

    That would be a big loss. There are certain people in wrestling who are legends in their own time and some of them have been trailblazers in the industry. These...

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  • Update On What Vince McMahon Has/Has Not Been Doing Since WWE Retirement

    It still doesn’t feel real. Vince McMahon retired from WWE last month, ending nearly forty years of him in control as the company. It seems that retired might be the...

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  • Former WWE Star Announces That His In-Ring Career Is Over, Moving Towards Broadcasting

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  • WATCH: Happy Corbin Reveals Surprising Retirement Plans

    He does have a plan. Wrestlers are in a weird place when it comes to career paths. While they can be in the ring for a very long time, a...

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  • BREAKING: Vince McMahon Officially Retires From WWE

    It actually happened. There is no one in the history of wrestling as powerful as Vince McMahon. Whether you like him or not, McMahon has been the force in wrestling...

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  • He’s Done: AEW Name Confirms He Is Officially Retired From The Ring

    He’s saying never. Wrestlers have a strange career trajectory as they have to get out of the ring one day, but it is easy for them to stick around for...

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