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  • Former AEW Star Announces Surprise Retirement

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  • Former Champion In WWE Announces Retirement

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  • WATCH: Former WWE Women’s Champion Retires

    Farewell. Contrary to how it may seem, every wrestler is going to retire at some point. No matter how well they may do at some point in their careers, they...

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  • Randy Orton Might Be Around WWE For A Very Long Time

    That’s a long time. There are certain wrestlers who seem to be lifers in the wrestling business. No matter what they do, they continue to stick around and it is...

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  • Former Impact Wrestling/ROH Champion Ending Retirement

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    Are we sure he can’t? Retirements are a tricky situation in wrestling as you never know how long someone is going to be able to stick around before finally having...

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  • VIDEO: Former Champion Announces Retirement

    Everyone hangs it up at some point. Wrestling is a weird sport in that you never know when someone is finally going to announce their retirement. Some wrestlers are able...

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  • Former WWE Wrestler Planning To End Retirement

    One more time? Wrestlers are a rare breed in that they are often hardwired into the industry. Several of them have had issues with finding a way out because some...

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