• Farewell? Sting Heavily Hints At Retiring Later This Year

    He would know best. Retirement is a tricky situation in wrestling as it can be difficult for a wrestler to finally hang up their boots. The problem is that it...

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  • He Would Know: Sting Reveals (Some) Plans For His Final Match

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  • Farewell? Wrestling Legend: “I’m Getting Too Old For This S***”

    You have to hang it up sometime. Wrestling is a unique sport in that the wrestlers can have trouble getting out of the industry. Since they are always able to...

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  • Nope. Wrestling Legend Confirms His In-Ring Career Is Over

    He’s done. Retirement is a tricky subject for wrestlers as it can be hard to hang up their boots for the final time. While more mainstream athletes have to complete...

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  • Farewell Then: Wrestling Legend Reveals His Upcoming Retirement Plans

    Hanging them up. Wrestlers have a weird situation when it comes to retirement. Since they can always wrestle one more match and then step away again, it is hard to...

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  • One More: Former WWE Star Wrestles Final Match Of Career

    Everyone has to hang it up sometime. Wrestlers can have a hard time walking away from the industry as you never know how long it might be before they can...

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  • No More: 53 Year Old Wrestling Legend Announces 2023 Is His Last Year In The Ring

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  • He Would Know: MVP Clarifies Recent Speculation About His In-Ring Future

    He would know best. Wrestlers have a difficult task when it comes to retirement. Since there is no off season in wrestling, it is easy to keep taking one more...

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  • Boss Time: Update On Vince McMahon’s Relationship With WWE In Retirement

    He deserves a break. This year has been a very eventful one in the wrestling world and there is nothing to suggest that those changes are wrapping up anytime soon....

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  • Fare Thee Well: Former WWE Star Officially Announces Retirement

    It has to end at some point. Wrestlers have an interesting situation with retiring. While more mainstream athletes are able to hang it up at the end of a season,...

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