PWInsider has confirmed details on the signing of veteran Impact Wrestling employee Jeremy Borash and when he is likely set to start with the company.

Borash is set to work with WWE NXT and the WWE Performance Center moving forward. This was a Triple H signing as opposed to a Vince McMahon signing.

While there is no word on when he starts, it is expected to be at this Thursday’s NXT TV tapings from Center Stage in Atlanta.

While some have speculated he was brought in to aid in the ‘Woken’ storyline for Matt Hardy as he played an integral role in the ‘Woken’ gimmick Hardy used in Impact Wrestling but this is not the case, though he may work on that storyline down the road.

Borash was a major loss to Impact Wrestling as he had worked for the company for years and could be counted on whenever the company needed something done.

As a story between Josh Matthews and Matt Sydal began to take place on television, the announce team was set to change to be Don Callis and Borash. With Borash gone- there is no word on what route the company decides to take.

You can find a video of Borash in action on Impact Wrestling below.

Jeremy Borash Joins Josh Mathews and Da Pope | IMPACT March 9th, 2017

Are you aware of who Borash is? Are you a fan of his commentating style?

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