AJ Styles is a popular guy, the former TNA headliner and current Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling superstar is often considered one of the best wrestlers on the planet despite never making it into the WWE.

However, this isn’t necessarily the case, as Styles has in fact wrestled a match on WWE television. This match took place during a “WWF Metal” taping that aired on January 26, 2002. He also wrestled a dark match against Rico Constantino in a dark match before a “WWF Smackdown” taping on January 22, 2002.

Despite not winning either of these matches, it was reported that WWE offered Styles a developmental contract for five-hundred US dollars per week, but AJ turned down the contract because it would have required him to relocate to Cincinnati, Ohio (which is where the developmental territory was located at the time,) and he didn’t want to interfere with his wife’s college education at the time.

A video for both of Styles’ matches in WWE can be found below, and I recommend watching them, so everyone can see AJ in a WWE ring at least once.



Well, always wonder what could have been if AJ Styles had stayed in WWE rather than make a name for himself in TNA. We’ll never get to know for sure. But maybe, we’ll get to see The Phenomenal One in WWE again.


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