Tonight saw the debut of a new faction and the return of the NXT Champion in a terrific, show ending brawl. Two more matches of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic finished up, including an impressive showing from SAnitY, who are going far beyond a mere tag team.

We also got women’s action with another impressive showing from Billie Kay, and a long-brewing conflict between Blake and Murphy came to a head, but not quite a conclusion. It was the first great episode of NXT we’ve seen in quite some time, and things seem to be getting back on track for WWE’s youngest brand.

As always, we’ve got full results courtesy of Thomas Hall, as well as video of all the highlights.

Sanity b. Glorious Ten – Powerslam/suplex combo to Dillinger
Billie Kay b. Liv Morgan – Big boot
TM61 b. Tino Sabbatelli/Riddick Moss – Thunder Valley to Sabbatelli
Buddy Murphy b. Wesley Blake via DQ when Samoa Joe interfered

Date: October 12, 2016
Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Tom Phillips, Corey Graves

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic First Round: Sanity vs. Glorious Ten


Before Sanity comes out, we have Roode and Dillinger exchanging cheers from the crowd. Sanity are four people in masks and leather jackets who receive a rather impressed reaction. Two of them take off their masks to reveal Sawyer Fulton and Alexander Wolfe, both of whom attack Dillinger while Roode stays on the floor. The double teaming continues with Roode walking away just over a minute and a half in to make this a handicap match. A powerslam/suplex combo put Dillinger away at 1:59.

Result: Sanity b. Glorious Ten – Powerslam/suplex combination to Dillinger (1:59)

The smallest member of Sanity (female wrestler Nikki Cross) beats on Dillinger until the leader gives Dillinger a wheelbarrow suplex into a neckbreaker. The leader is…..Eric Young.

Billie Kay and Peyton Royce laugh off the idea of fighting Liv Morgan because she has no friends.


Roode blames Dillinger for what happened because Roode isn’t a tag wrestler.

Liv Morgan vs. Billie Kay


Morgan starts with a dropkick and backslide for two before a gutbuster gets two for Billie. The torture rack with an arm trap makes it even worse for Morgan until an STO gets her out of trouble. Not that it matters though as Royce trips Morgan, allowing Billie to hit the big boot for the pin at 3:30.

Result: Billie Kay b. Liv Morgan – Big boot (3:30)

We look back at Andrade Cien Almas turning on Cedric Alexander last week.

Almas yelled in Spanish after last week’s show.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic First Round: TM61 vs. Tino Sabbatelli/Riddick Moss


Moss (formerly known as Mike Rawlis) and Sabbatelli compete against each other so often that they figured they might as well team up. Miller starts with Moss and it’s TM61 taking over early on. Thorn comes in with a slingshot senton until Tino low bridges him out to the floor. Back from a break with Tino coming in for some forearms to the chest as the crowd is split on him.

Sabbatelli starts cranking on an armbar and we get some muscular posing. Moss gets in some trash talking but walks into a jawbreaker. The hot tag brings in Miller to clean house as everything breaks down. Sabbatelli’s interference doesn’t work and it’s Thunder Valley for the pin on Tino at 12:02.

Result: TM61 b. Tino Sabbatelli/Riddick Moss – Thunder Valley to Sabbatelli (12:02)

Buddy Murphy vs. Wesley Blake


Murphy has had a run of bad luck such as travel issues and having his furniture sold for not paying the bill on his storage unit. They stare at each other to start as the fans are more into Blake than Murphy. Buddy nips to his feet and both guys try big kicks at the same time. Blake is knocked out to the floor so Murphy hits a big running flip dive to take over. Fan: “MAMA MIA!” Cue Samoa Joe to jump Murphy for the DQ at 3:12.

Result: Buddy Murphy b. Wesley Blake via DQ when Samoa Joe interfered (3:12)


Joe says time is up so Regal needs to bring him Shinsuke Nakamura or his title. After a break, here’s Nakamura with a quickly removed neckbrace. The fight is on and security is suddenly the most hated team in the building. Their attempt to break up the fight goes nowhere and it continues on the ramp with Nakamura kicking Joe low.

Nakamura is dragged backstage but comes right back, only to be taken back again and again. Joe walks away on his own while Nakamura fights security. The distracted Nakamura is blindsided by Joe but nails Kinshasa inside to end the show.



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