The latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter has revealed who produced the 2015 Royal Rumble Match, which was the main event of the “Royal Rumble” event on Jan. 25. Many have said the organization and execution of the 28th annual Battle Royal was among the worst ever, and now those responsible for booking, arranging, and producing the bout have been fingered.

According to the report, the main producer of the match was J&J Security member Jamie Noble. His resident partner in crime, Joey Mercury, was assistant producer.

Criticism towards the match was even thrown out by WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin during his Feb. 2 live edition of “The Steve Austin Show” with Triple H. When discussing the Rumble, Austin said the match could have been booked better, then maybe the crowd wouldn’t have been “so hot” at Roman Reigns and the way he won the match.

WWE Hall of Famer Pat Patterson, former WWE Tag Team Champion “Road Dogg” Jesse (Brian) James, and Michael “PS” Hayes were also mentioned as agents that helped put together the match. However, most of the weight of the critical backlash is landing on both Noble and Mercury.

Editor’s Note:
Someone needs to be slapped for the way the match was booked. Now we know it’s the two Authority stooges. Makes sense.


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