According to multiple fan reports, several pro-Cesaro signs were confiscated by security during “Night Of Champions” on Sept. 21. Many signs that fans had created and passed out to others in their section were removed at the request of security, who didn’t have a really good answer for the fans as to why they were told to take them. has published one report from a fan that described one of the instances of sign removal during the event.

“One fan sent word that he saw what happened in one section and it was another WWE fan handing out “King of Wrestling” signs with Cesaro’s face printed on it. The signs were similar to the “Cesaro’s Section” signs that we saw in the crowds a few months back. Security came around and took all the signs that the fan passed out. The fan didn’t argue with security but looked as if he was asking why they were being taken. Our correspondent noted that security “just kind of shrugged” and left with the signs.”

A fan tweeted us at that they saw signs being confiscated from security, but that they did not see what they signs were about or if they were vulgar or not. It could be that the instance of sign removal seen by this @WrestleRumors follower was the same instance detailed in the above report.

Similar signs for Cesaro were made and handed out to sections during the weeks leading up to WrestleMania XXX. At the time, it was rumored that WWE wanted to push Cesaro as a babyface into the main event picture, and loved the “Cesaro’s Section” signs. The company wanted to create, or help push an organic fan favorite reaction to the “King of Swing.” However, these desires changed when WWE Creative pulled a 180 and turned Cesaro heel again following his André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal win.

Editor’s Note:
Are you kidding me? Ridiculous.


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