WWE Hall of Famer posted a humorous perspective on the Feb. 10 edition of “Monday Night Raw” on his official website, JRsBarBQ.com, Tuesday morning. Ross makes clever quips about the show, as well as discusses Lita going into the WWE Hall of Fame, and more.

Ross begins his entertaining blog post with,

“Great, packed house in LA Monday night for RAW. A stellar, WWE city where apparently Summer Slam will emanate from this August. I won’t hold my breath waiting on my invite for that weekend in the mail. Oh, well, as the King would say, “One can’t grieve forever.” 🙂

Raw can be best described by yours truly as a solid show, not spectacular, but serviceable over the three hour ‘cruise.’ 

Some of the in ring product was good and will mean more with the same level of bouts in the future if the rivalries and the skill sets of the talents continue to be addressed.

Appears to be very obvious that many talents need to kick their way out of their comfort zones and tweak a few wrinkles of their in ring presentation. The same sequencing week after week doesn’t make one special.

It makes them the same.

The same is not wrestling code talk for ‘special.’

The 6 man tag delivered as it was positioned to do. The Wyatt’s continue to move upward in a manageable way. The Rhodes Brothers and Rey Mysterio are supposed to be good…and  they were.

Great finish in that match with Bray Wyatt impacting Rey Mysterio suddenly for the win. Well executed.

The follow up on Roman Reigns success at the Royal Rumble was timely. Newly minted, potential main eventers cannot grow on an every other week basis. Reigns needs his weekly moments on RAW to eventually arrive at the Promised Land including a ‘moment’ at WM30. Don’t over think it…Reigns needs to leave NOLA with an enhanced perception. Case closed…per the late Ernie Ladd.

I assume that Emma is WWE’s latest comedy act to play off of Santino. Hmmm.

Enjoyed seeing Byron Saxton getting a shot on RAW as a broadcaster. Byron is a sharp kid, with a college degree and has been involved in several different areas of behind the scenes work in NXT. Companies are built with quality people like Byron Saxton.

Loved the physicality and the workmanship of Sheamus and Christian…two lost souls with no last name. Damn, renting a car must be hell. Nonetheless, nice, hard hitting tag match where less was more and there was no shortage of physicality. Not sure the running gag about Christian’s face being less than 8X10 ready. I assume it makes someone laugh.

It would be SO easy to position Antonio Cesaro as a fan favorite. So easy.

Notice the difference in the presentation of manager’s Zeb Colter and Paul Heyman. Colter is an entertaining, funny villain while Heyman continues to portray a prominent stain on the underwear of life.

Somewhat surprised that Ziggler lost to ADR in less than 2:00 as Del Rio’s physicality seems to be improving which always serves a TV wrestling villain well. After ADR destroyed the talented Ziggler, Batista came out and destroyed ADR to set up a one on one match at the Elimination Chamber that feels anti climatic after Monday night. 

Enjoyed the Bella’s WWE Network spot. Nice creative.

WWE has done a really nice job of rehabilitating the TV image of the Usos who seem poised to win the Tag Titles sooner than later. Just a year ago the WWE Tag Team scene was flaccid but it’s making a nice comeback.

Mark Henry looks younger and more imposing bald. Personally, I’m a fan of the angry, villianous Mark Henry more than the smiling, happy go lucky, world’s strongest man.

Daniel Bryan was involved in two, nice pieces of business on RAW which tells me that WWE has significant plans for the over achieving, talented wrestler who is arguably the best in ring performer in the business right now. I’d like to see Bryan’s promo work pick up a notch or two but he’s still my favorite talent to watch bell to bell in WWE right now.

All the fans who were bitching about how Daniel Bryan’s creative was subpar seemed to have backed away from their stance in recent weeks.

Admire Orton and Cena working hard and telling a viable story in their main event in a 20+ minute main event. I like these longer main events and even though these two have wrestled countless times, I felt that they had a solid, show closing bout. At the end of the night, I am not quite sure how much momentum WWE World Champion Orton is going to have going into the Elimination Chamber and to a lesser degree for WM30 which may be the game plan.

As a Betty White fan I was hoping for a little more from her but she’s 92 so her memorizing her lines on the day of the shoot might be asking too much. That applies to several talents who are much younger.

I was very touched at the class displayed by WWE with the ‘in memory of’ our friend and long time WWE audio tech and Pittsburgh native Frank Bullock at the beginning of the show. Frank was a friend to all and he helped me so much with my headsets and the audio levels which are the life’s blood of an announcer who’s broadcasting a live event. Monday Night RAW was going to be a hit with me after seeing that graphic. Kudos to WWE.

Very proud of Amy Dumas aka Lita who will be inducted in the WWE HOF class of 2014 in NOLA the night before WM30. I had heard this info leaded from WWE a couple of weeks ago but did not want to contribute to spoiling the surprise. I did vividly remember meeting Amy in my Stamford office years ago when she came in for a job interview. She had been bold and brave enough to live alone in Mexico to train and develop a different skill set from other females and she eventually became one of WWE’s biggest stars, male or female, during my time in talent relations. There;s a funny story about her less than dainty shoulder tattoo that played into her job interview that I tell on our RINGSIDE shows.

You can read the entire blog post at JRsBarBQ.com.


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