In a Wrestling Rumors exclusive, our own Derek Stoughton had the opportunity to interview former WWE ring announcer, Justin Roberts! Each day this week, we’ll be bringing you part of the interview, as they discuss his new autobiography, “Best Seat in the House: Your Backstage Pass through My WWE Journey!”

In the 6th and final part of our interview, Derek asks Justin about the best piece of advice he’s ever received and what the future holds.

Wrestling Rumors Exclusive: Interview With Justin Roberts!

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Derek: What was the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Justin: Fit Finlay, in about 2003 was going through some stuff on international tours, and he told me “not to give up.”  And, I was close.  I was real close to giving up and walking away from the company.  And he said “don’t give up.”  And, I said “OK,” and that was it.  And I didn’t give up, and it worked out OK.

There’s one more.  Stephanie McMahon had basically, not called me out, but acknowledged that I was trying to sound like Howard [Finkel].  Which, I was; that’s what I had in my ears.  So, it wasn’t like she was coming to talk down to me; we were having a conversation, and she casually brought up, “Oh, by the way, just be yourself.  Don’t go out there and be Howard, be yourself.”  And I started watching my stuff back like, “Damn, that’s not my voice.”  And, I stopped trying to be Howard, and started becoming myself.  And I think that helped.

Derek: Going forward, what advice would you give you anybody that wants to get into the sports entertainment business?

Justin: Follow your dreams.  I’m very honest in my book, and it’s not all good stuff; there’s some bad stuff too.  I have to be fair and tell both, but don’t let the negative stuff that I talk about discourage you.  There’s a great chance that it’s not gonna happen not you.  It could be all positive stuff, you have to find out for yourself.  So, if you want to do it, do it!  Put everything that you have into it, put your whole heart into it.  And don’t expect anything to be handed to you, but go out and look for it.  If it’s something that you really want, you can make it happen.

Derek: Do you have any single message that you’re trying to convey to the fans through your book?  If there’s one overlying message you’d like to share with the world with your book, what would it be?

Justin: Absolutely.  And I truly mean it: it’s “follow your dreams.”  Anything and everything is possible.  That’s the gist of the story.  There’s a bunch of other little stories in there about things that I wanted.  I was a huge Dana Carvey mark ,from Saturday Night Live.  And I ended up going to see him in Las Vegas.  I wanted to meet him, and I didn’t have any connection to him.  I was resourceful, and I didn’t give up, and I made it happen.  Spoiler Alert.  It’s just a bunch of different stories about being tenacious and wanting something, but not just sitting and saying “I want this!”  It’s going out and doing something to make it happen.

I think it’s a very inspirational story, and I think people that realize that anything really is possible and maybe they’ll get some ideas for things that I read about and how I do them.  Maybe they could say, “Hey, what if I did something this or did something like that?”  It would help.

Derek: You know, you’ve given me the spoiler, so now I don’t really need to read the book.  So, I’ll just be sending it back when my copy arrives. *laughs*

Justin: I met Dana Carvey.  And WWE. *laughs*

Derek: What’s in the future?  What’s next for you?  What can you see the Justin Roberts plan being, 5 years, 10 years, 15 years from now?

Justin: I really don’t know.  Like I said, just kind of give everything a shot now; I’ve done some voiceovers, I’ve done some TV shows, I’ve done CBS Boxing, I’ve done the Tool tours.  I’m just going through and just trying different things out and seeing what else is out there and exploring the world, so to speak.  Right after college, that’s when I jumped into WWE.  So, this is my chance to see what else is out there and try different things, and whatever works will work.  And keep going for everything that pops up until something sticks that seems like it’s gonna be a better full time deal, or a next career choice.  I really don’t know.  I lived out my dream and got to do everything imaginable in my dream, so now everything else is just a bonus.

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