Sometimes, doing it yourself leans to great and wonderful things.

On the July 25, 2018 episode of NXT, Tommaso Ciampa defeated Aleister Black to become the new NXT Champion. This will be Ciampa’s first run with the championship.

You can see a clip of the match below:

Aleister Black vs. Tommaso Ciampa - NXT Championship Match: WWE NXT, July 25, 2018


Tommaso Ciampa, the scourge of NXT, defeated Aleister Black to become the new NXT Champion, and Johnny Gargano — the one man who insisted that outcome could not be allowed to happen under any circumstances — is to blame.

Gargano’s involvement, which inadvertently swung the tide in his arch-rival’s favor, came in the waning moments of a wild and thrilling title bout in which The Dutch Destroyer and The Blackheart battered each other with every weapon in their arsenals. Black laced Ciampa with a wide assortment of kicks, but The Blackheart endured more of The Dutch Destroyer’s attack than any of Black’s previous challengers, forcing Black to employ rarely used maneuvers to try to take down Ciampa.

Ciampa pushed Black to his absolute limit, too, clamping on punishing holds and resorting to extreme (and underhanded) measures. As both Superstars brawled on the floor late in the contest, Ciampa pushed Black into a member of NXT’s ringside production team. While referee Drake Wuertz checked on the fallen third party, Ciampa nailed Black with his now-infamous crutch behind Wuertz’s back, though Black kicked out of the ensuing pin attempt.

Ciampa clawed his way back into the fight, literally, by gouging Black’s eyes. With the referee still down, The Blackheart grabbed the NXT Championship, presumably to clobber Black with, at which point Gargano entered the ring. Gargano superkicked Ciampa and ripped the title out of his hands, but accidentally hit Black on the backswing. Ciampa discarded Gargano from the ring and then planted a dazed Black with a double-underhook facebuster, just in time for the newly revived Wuertz to re-enter the ring and count the fall.

Editor’s Opinion:

YES! He has been one of my favorites ever since he turned on Gargano, and now is taking his place on top of the NXT mountain. Could this mean a jump to the main roster for Aleister Black or Johnny Gargano? It is unknown at this point, but for now, congratulations to the scourge of NXT!

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