One of the most infamous professional wrestling fans of all time is Caley, who is better known as “Angry Miz Girl”. This fan was visually upset in 2010 when The Miz won his first WWE Championship and was not afraid to show off her displeasure.

But what does Caley think about the idea that he is once again the WWE Champion?

She recently spoke with Abhilash Mendhe of Sportskeeda and had the following to say regarding the title change:

“I personally think he’s one of the best on the roster, I know it’s a big change from my opinion 10 years ago but I love him when he’s a heel champion, I think he’s got the personality for it down to a T.”

“I loved meeting The Miz and he was always super kind to me and he worked super hard, so I definitely think he deserves it.”

Her reaction earned her a Slammy back in 2010:

Editor’s Opinion:

This is cool to see. It’s always fun to see the reactions of the WWE Universe when crazy moments happen, as the fans at home can probably relate to what is going on!

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