WWE superstars Ryback and The Big Show competed in a special showcase match at an NXT event in Columbus, Ohio on March 5.

According to numerous reports from those who were in attendance, the live audience didn’t take kindly to the match.

Most of the negativity was directed Big Show’s way, though.

Show received a chant of “Please retire!” during the bout. He apparently responded by telling the crowd he had 10 more years on his contract.

Chants of “10 more years” and “We want Divas” then echoed throughout the building.

The event was reportedly being filmed to air on the WWE Network at a later date. It’s not yet known which matches will be shown, although it’s unlikely Big Show vs. Ryback sees the light of day due to the aforementioned chants.

Taking it all in stride, Show later took to Twitter to thank the fans in Columbus for a night he’ll never forget:

Editor’s Note

I’m not shocked at all to hear that an NXT audience wasn’t at all thrilled to see Big Show compete in the ring. The brand has developed a reputation for a specific style (and speed) of wrestling that Show simply cannot provide, even in a “showcase” match. He’s heard it all before, though.


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