WWE Superstar Titus O’Neil was recently interviewed by Vindy.compromoting a WWE live event in Youngstown, Ohio on Sunday, March 8. Within the interview, Titus was asked about the seeming reformation of the Prime Time Players tag team, which he and Darren Young were part of from early 2012 to early 2014.

On the Feb. 23 edition of “Monday Night Raw,” O’Neil and Young teamed up for the first time in more than a year, defeating The Ascension. Since then, the two have been working together at WWE house shows and lower-tier WWE programming.

Titus told Vindy.com that The Prime Time Players are indeed back, and have unfinished business within WWE:

“Yeah, the band is back together. The Prime Time Players are back together, and we’re focused on taking on what we started and building upon that. We’re the roughest, toughest and most entertaining tag team in the WWE, and we’re dead set on becoming the WWE tag-team champions.”

Through his social media accounts, Titus has been pushing a “#UseYourVoice” campaign. Within the interview, he spoke to the website about what it means to him:

“It’s nothing that I haven’t been trying to convey years before I got into the WWE. My story is very powerful in itself. I was the beneficiary of people from all races and all backgrounds investing in me at a young age. I came from a fatherless home. My mother was raped at a very young age, and so, obviously, I came from an impoverished background.”

“People invested in that place to give me a fair opportunity at winning at life. So for me, I’m fulfilling a purpose in which I’m repaying every single individual that invested in me when they didn’t have to. I look at this world in a completely different manner than most people do. I don’t see it in the eyes of skin color, gender or sexual orientation.”

“The people who have an issue of what I said are the very people that are the ones that are the biggest perpetuators of the problem. But I’m not pushing any agenda on anyone outside of being the best person you can be.”

Be sure to check out the entire interview, here. Titus O’Neil also recalled how he almost chose to play collegiate football at Ohio State University.


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