KB’s Review

  • KB’s Review: The Muffin Man

    Every so often in wrestling, you see something happen that just changes everything about a promotion in the blink of an eye. These things are pretty few and far between,...

    BlogsSeptember 14, 2022
  • KB’s Review: What A Weekend

    BlogsSeptember 5, 2022
  • KB’s Review: A New Hope

    I’ve been watching WWE for a long time and over those decades (gulp), there have been some highs and lows. Some WWE programming has been among the best television that...

    BlogsAugust 29, 2022
  • KB’s Review: Heritage, Spoilers, And A Nice Wrestling Show

    I’m not what you would call your usual wrestling fan. It’s my job to watch wrestling and keep track of what is going on, which means I am going to...

    BlogsAugust 21, 2022
  • KB’s Review: SLOW DOWN!

    As has been the case more than once lately, I had an idea for something to talk about but it was changed due to an update that happened during the...

    BlogsAugust 14, 2022
  • KB’s Review: They Did Something

    We are living in a brand new reality in wrestling and that is going to take some getting used to over the next….well years probably. Following the retirement (or forcing...

    BlogsAugust 3, 2022
  • KB’s Review: Who Else Do They Have

    BlogsJuly 30, 2022
  • KB’s Review: Vince Is Gone

    So I had a column set up about the upcoming Summerslam title matches and how WWE doesn’t have much of a choice but to do a series of rematches. Odds...

    BlogsJuly 25, 2022
  • KB’s Review: It Makes Summerslam Sense

    Last fall, the family went down to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (I didn’t have much of a choice so spare me the “why there” questions) for a vacation. It wasn’t...

    BlogsJuly 13, 2022
  • KB’s Review: Yes, Again

    It must be that time of year again because I get to talk about WWE doing something stupid that misses the point of everything they were trying to do. Believe...

    BlogsJuly 11, 2022