One week ago, WWE released four-time world champion Alberto Del Rio for slapping its manager of social media, Cody Barbierri. It has not taken long for Del Rio to remain in the public eye, as he announced that he will be appearing for AAA’s TripleMania event. The event falls on the same day as “SummerSlam,” Aug. 17.

F4WOnline has published an update on the situation between Del Rio and WWE, now that Del Rio has found new work. The website is reporting that Del Rio is doing media appearances in Mexico, promoting his appearance. For these appearances, Del Rio is appearing under, “Alberto Del Rio,” a name owned by WWE.

In terms of the relationship between the two sides, it has not gotten any better. Within WWE, it is said that the relationship is “very acrimonious,” or angry and bitter. Del Rio was furious about his release because he was reportedly told that he would only be suspended for his actions.

WWE’s first course of action will be to tie up Del Rio with a lengthy non-compete clause, a similar clause that Jim Ross recently had expire. If WWE is able to put the clause in effect, it will pay Del Rio during its entire duration.

Although Del Rio will appear at TripleMania, WWE does not want him to appear on any other of AAA’s shows on the El Rey Network. The company is also dead set on Del Rio not appearing for TNA, which is why it is doing everything in its power to lock in the non-compete clause.

Editor’s Note

Let me get this straight. WWE is attempting to pay Del Rio NOT to work for itself? If true, that is unreal, given the fact that WWE is trying to save money anyway it can.


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