Former WWE superstar Ricardo Rodriguez took to Twitter on Aug. 12 to discuss personal issues that he had with Triple H following the announcement that Kevin Steen had signed with WWE. As previously reported, it was revealed on Aug. 12 that Steen had been signed to NXT, and an image of Steen shaking hands with Triple H was attached to the press release. Rodriguez aired his ill feelings with Triple H following that announcement.

Rodriguez posted the following Tweets after the announcement was made and the image was released. It should be noted however, that both tweets have been deleted since he initially posted them.

“Congrats..[in regards to Steen] I hope he at least looked at you while shaking hands at one point and did call you fat as f–k. #OhMemories.”

“#BumbleBee was his name for me… Don’t even think he ever knew my real name.”

Many are speculating that BumbleBee Man name Rodriguez is referring to, is the Latino  “Simpsons” character, who is hyperbole of Hispanic stereotypes on the show. He wears a bumblebee costume and is primarily labeled as a farcical racial character.

Beemando Rodriguez

Steen, who is “heavier” than many of the boys in the locker room, does not fit the mold of a typical WWE superstar. It’s widely known that Triple H and Vince McMahon usually prefer for guys of more athletic build to be highlighted by the company. Rodriguez had apparently been asked numerous times to lose some weight by those in power of the company over his tenure.

Rodriguez was released by the company on July 30 as part of a company-wide focus of budget cuts.

Editor’s Note:
Wow. There’s a lot of unprofessionalism going around Titan at the moment it seems.


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