A few days ago during Day 6 of Super Juniors, Ricochet and Will Ospreay had a classic match that most of the wrestling word is praising.

You can watch the full match right here, but not everyone is happy with this type of wrestling and has brought out an interesting debate about Independent wrestling.

Pro wrestling is a much different animal than it was even ten years ago. The pace and style of matches are much faster, and the emphasis on selling isn’t as valuable as it once was.

That’s not to say that independent wrestlers don’t sell. It’s just the athleticism and skill it takes to tell a story in the ring isn’t as it once was even a decade ago. The moves have become more important than selling in many examples of wrestling matches.

When Vader took to Twitter to insult the match, that was the logic behind his criticism. He posted the following on Twitter about Ospreay vs. Ricochet:




Ricochet responded to Vader with the following response:


Ultimately, what we’re talking about is how storytelling works in wrestling in the present day. Vader isn’t happy to see his ways becoming obsolete, and Ricochet is defending his match as art. Neither man is wrong; it’s just about what you value in your wrestling.

Do you think Vader has a point, or do you agree with Ricochet?


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