It’s been a crazy few weeks for WWE Hall of Famer Tammy Lynn Sytch, aka Sunny.

First and foremost, she came back into Wrestling News when the rumors came about that she was negotiating a deal with Vivid Entertainment to do a sex tape, but she claimed that the money wasn’t right yet. However, she signed a “lucrative deal” for a sex tape shortly after that, and the film was released earlier this week.

Also, Sunny has released her autobiography “A Star Shattered: The Rise & Fall & Rise of Wrestling Diva Tammy “Sunny” Sytch” a few days ago right in the middle of her sex tape hype. However, now it appears that even more is going to happen Sytch this week because she is due to be imprisoned again for DUI charges.

At the end of January, Sytch plead guilty for Driving Under the Influence charges. Her official sentencing will be on the 28th of March, but she may be eligible for the Intermediate Prisoner Program. 

Back in 2012, she was arrested for disorderly conduct, third-degree burglary and three counts of violating a protective order, for a total of five arrests in four weeks. She would go on to serve 114 days in jail for those offenses. Overall, this isn’t going to help her cause to stay in the WWE Hall of Fame. 



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