There have been far too many rumors about Kurt Angle returning to WWE to remember. Ever since he left TNA, there have been rumors about him getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame or returning to WWE.

In a nutshell, Kurt claimed that he was semi-retired from pro wrestling and that WWE wouldn’t take him back because of his history with painkillers.

It may turn out that our Olympic Hero was wrong. According to a report from, WWE has been calling and talking returns for many veterans over the age of forty, including Kurt Angle.

The report is claiming that Kurt Angle would be a top face for SmackDown after the brand split and the company bringing him back would bring a lot of intrigue for Tuesday nights to keep up with Raw.

There is a lot of speculation that Angle’s idea of reforming Team Angle with American Alpha may actually come to pass because the powers that be are actually hitting the boost button on their main roster debut.

The boost for the main roster after a Kurt Angle return would be amazing, and that would be a momentous story to see Angle finish his career in WWE.

Do you want to see Kurt Angle return to WWE to team with American Alpha?


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