Earlier this week, Matt Hardy defeated Ethan Carter III in a Last Man Standing match to become TNA Heavyweight Champion for the second time. Hardy couldn’t defeat ECIII until Tyrus turned on him and cost him the match and title completing Hardy’s heel turn.

Since then, Matt Hardy has been quite vocal on social media and especially on Twitter. He got into an argument with a fan on Twitter this week about his comparisons to Triple H and the fan ultimately insulted the TNA World Champion’s wrestling ability.

The following tweets were exchanged between Matt and a “fan”:




Hardy continued to bash NXT in another tweet shortly after:


It’s understandable for Matt Hardy to feel like he does after the time he spent in WWE and his current status in TNA. He’s a good wrestler with a lot of history in this business and he no doubt deserves to be a World Champion.

Having said that, Matt Hardy is current a World Champion and no matter what promotion he represents, his activity on social media isn’t representing the leadership that is expected of a World Champion.

There have been rumors in the past of Matt Hardy returning to WWE when he contract is up in a few months with TNA. Recently, he revealed some of his plans for the future of his wrestling career. Based on his recent comments above, he’s not interested in a return to WWE.


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