Recently, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and WWE’s staff hosted a third-quarter earnings conference call today from WWE headquarters in Stamford. NXT was a hot topic during the call. This call is routine after WWE released their third-quarter earning report.

According to, there were several topics discussed. The call included discussions surrounding the success of the WWE Network. Primary questions about its content and the subscriber numbers were answered. One interesting note to make is WWE made direct voice to the idea of expanding the WWE Network to have more lucrative and expensive versions for WWE fans.

One person during the call asked specifically about the growth of NXT and why it has become so successful. Social media has been given an enormous amount of credit for the success of NXT. Barrios mentioned how NXT was able to sell out the Barclays Center.

In regards to NXT competing with WWE, Barrios said the possibility of NXT competing with RAW or SmackDown never enters their mind at all. Barrios claims that NXT has a different vibe, a different feel and the audience is different. They’re not worried about any competition there at all.

NXT is such a new promotion to produce such a strong product. However, it is a long way away from competing on the WWE main roster level, but it provides a magnificent developmental system for WWE.


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