Celebrities getting involved in the ring at major WWE events can be a roll of the dice. Sometimes, it’s not the best experience to be a part of or watch, but other times it can be a lot of fun.

For example, it was a lot of fun for Stephen Amell of “Arrow” to get involved in a feud with Cody Rhodes, who participated in the feud as the Stardust character.

As a wrestling fan, you can tell when the performers are actually having fun in the ring. That was a situation that was fun and culminated in a pretty good tag team match at “Summerslam.”

According to a report from Wrestlezone.com, the fun is just getting started. Earlier today, Rhodes appeared at the Heroes & Villains fan fest in New Jersey.

During his appearance, the announcement was made that Cody would have a guest starring role on “Arrow” next season and Amell was in attendance to make the announcement, which you can watch right here.



Honestly, this is a great thing for Cody Rhodes to do. The exposure of this will be good for him. He’ll get a credit and could get his acting career off the ground while he continues to wrestle big matches on the Independents.

Do you think Cody Rhodes has the potential to be a full-time actor?


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