Did you know that The Big Show almost left WWE and the pro wrestling business to have a career in professional boxing?

Back in 2007, there were conversations between him and super heavyweight professional boxer T.J Wilson about making the transition.

The World’s Largest Athlete said the following during a recent interview with SB Nation:

“I remember trapping [Wilson] in the comer, him getting out of the corner, and then I remember waking up in my Hummer with the keys in the ignition. Apparently, they had taken my gloves off, called the match, and I had taken my bag and walked out of the gym and was sitting in my car with the car running when I woke up… It scared the s–t out of me.”

The Big Show in boxing would have made big-time headlines back in 2007. In 2008, Big Show made major headlines by challenging Floyd Mayweather at Wrestlemania 24.

You can watch the full match below:


That was the closest The Big Show came to having a professional boxing career. The idea is interesting because he’s big, but he would have had to train and learn how to box. It would have been something to see him doing that after WWE.


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