Recent episodes of “Monday Night Raw” have given us shows that have provided us with some decent segments involving the main event superstars. However, the same show continues to be riddled with thrown together matches, 8-man tag team contests, and shorter segments for perhaps the most talented and deep mid-card in WWE history.

Rusev. Dean Ambrose. Kevin Owens. Dolph Ziggler. The Miz. These are just a few of the superstars on the main roster who have either been in high profile feuds, or have held world championships, but now working in the mid-card. As a result, they barely receive any TV time to progress their storylines and show the world why they are in the WWE in the first place.


Tyler Breeze. Neville. Titus O’Neil. Stardust. Damien Sandow. R-Truth. The Ascension. Another list of talent who were so hot either in NXT or in past storylines, but now either have been thrown into meaningless angles, or are simply comedy acts to fill a 3-hour show.

The WWE roster is completely saturated with talent that is being wasted and un-utilized to their fullest potential.

The solution? It’s time to shake things up again, and bring back the brand extension.

Make “Raw” two hours again, and have superstars and titles that are exclusive to both “Raw” and “Smackdown.” And it is IMPERATIVE the writers do not book “Smackdown” to be the “B-Show”; it must be written with as much intensity, creativity and intelligence as “Raw.”

Each show could have a world champion, a mid-card champion, a divas champion, and a tag team champion. This would give more talent the opportunity that so many of them deserve to compete for titles on a more regular basis.

Also, with the superstars not having to travel so much, “Smackdown” could be filmed live on Thursday nights, giving it more importance to the WWE audience. Why would I tune into a show that I could just read the spoilers for online?

Each show could have a pay-per-view exclusively for its brand every couple of months, to give the writers and performers an opportunity to develop storylines and make you more invested in seeing the results of their feuds. And with the WWE Network now in place, the cost of ordering each event has dropped significantly, so it won’t be such a financial burden to see the culmination of a 2-month build-up.

The four main pay-per-view events each year, “Royal Rumble”, “SummerSlam”, “Survivor Series”, and of course “WrestleMania” could feature matches from both brands, as well as perhaps some inter-promotional matches. Imagine seeing two superstars who you have not seen in a long time on the same show compete against each other at a pay-per-view event? I would certainly anticipate a bigger fight feel for that type of contest.

Who would win the “Royal Rumble,” or “Money In The Bank?” Will it be someone from “Raw” or “Smackdown?” Should both champions be worried about their titles being basically taken away from them, and interfere in the match? The possibilities for those two events are endless.

The concept of “Bragging Rights” was awesome. Who has the better brand? That show could hold that aspect high for an entire calendar year, and could make that pay-per-view incredibly meaningful when that time of year comes around.

Picture this scenario with me, if you will. Dolph Ziggler is exclusive to “Smackdown,” and is stealing the show like he always does. However, an upstart, young Tyler Breeze makes his debut, and a feud between them is able to develop over a month or two. They would end up having a fantastic and very anticipated match at a “Smackdown” only pay-per-view.

We all know how talented both superstars are; yet because of the over-saturation of talent on the current roster, that feud was never able to come to fruition.

This is just one example of the many superstars on the roster who need an opportunity to develop meaningful storylines that everyone can get involved in. The fans will be happier, the superstars will be more excited to perform, and it will create a more pleasurable and enjoyable scenario for all involved.

Please, WWE. Bring back the brand extension, and let us all enjoy the hard work and potential that so many of the WWE superstars have.



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