WWE Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair is coming off her latest title defense against Bayley at Crown Jewel and has formed a team heading into Survivor Series War Games later this month. The EST of WWE is showing no signs of slowing down, which she herself attested to during a recent interview with Metro.co.uk.

She explained to the publication that her role with WWE is her life and she’s “just getting started.” Belair also mentioned that she can’t imagine doing anything else with her career at the moment and how she’d always wanted to be a WWE Superstar. However, there’s been some speculation about her future after she signed with WME, a major talent agency in Hollywood, earlier this year.

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The WWE Raw Women’s Champion responded to a potential career in Hollywood with optimism, but mentioned again how she has “so much more to do” in WWE. Her explanation for recently signing with WME was based on multi-tasking and driving awareness for the WWE product outside of the wrestling bubble.

As a strong representative and champion of the company, Bianca Belair showcasing her talent and likability outside of the wrestling bubble is a part of the job. She’s become one of the most natural babyfaces that WWE has developed in many years, especially in the women’s division.

While Bianca made it clear that her priorities are with the company, Belair also acknowledged how John Cena and The Rock have provided the blueprint for multitasking and transitioning into other markets as one of WWE’s top performers.

How do you see Bianca Belair’s star power in wrestling? Does she move the needle?

The interview with Metro also highlighted Belair’s recent collaboration with Rihanna for the Fenty Beauty brand as well as some of her goals in WWE, including a title run with the Women’s Tag Team Championships. Now, the obvious course of action is to let Bianca hold the championship until the start of 2023 and likely to WrestleMania 39 at least.

The prospect of Hollywood is always intriguing for top WWE talent, but there’s more to see from Bianca Belair in the squared circle before she’s ready for the silver screen. If winning both Women’s World Titles at back-to-back WrestleManias over Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks is “just getting started,” there’s no telling what Bianca Belair is capable of between now and end of her wrestling career.

Do you see Bianca Belair as a Hollywood star?

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