And that’s that. WWE has long since become the biggest wrestling company in the world and as a result the company has more money than they know what to do with most of the time. That is quite the accomplishment, but it also means that they have a target on them with others trying to take some of that money from them. Now someone is going to, but it might not be what they had in mind.

Back in 2018, tattoo artist Catherine Alexander sued WWE, Take-Two Interactive Software and the developers of the WWE2K video game series. The suit was filed claiming copyright infringement over tattoos that Alexander created for Randy Orton, which appeared in the game. WWE and the game’s producers claimed that the tattoos fell under fair use while Alexander claimed that she never gave permission for the tattoos to be used. According to, the case came to trial last week and the jury found in favor of Alexander, awarding her $3,750 but no royalties from the game sales.

Opinion: It may sound like a tiny amount of money, but how much money did those tattoos bring in? The WWE2K games have all kinds of characters and features and the tattoos applied to one of those characters. Yes Orton is a big star in WWE, but he is one of many stars featured in the game. That is not exactly a major part of what a fan is paying for, so while Alexander was cheated, it was never going to be worth a fortune.

What do you think of the result? What is your favorite wrestling game? Let us know in the comments below.

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