Date: March 8, 2024
Location: American Airlines Center, Dallas, Texas
Commentators: Corey Graves, Wade Barrett

We are in for a big one tonight as we have a major showdown between the Bloodline and Cody Rhodes/Seth Rollins. The latter will be answering a challenge for a tag match on night one of Wrestlemania, with the stipulations for Roman Reigns vs. Rhodes on the line. That should be enough to carry things this week so let’s get to it.

The opening video recaps the challenge for the tag match: if Rock/Reigns win, anything goes in Reigns vs. Rhodes, but if Rollins/Rhodes win, the Bloodline is barred from ringside.

The major parties arrived.

Here is US Champion Logan Paul to get things going. He talks about making his Wrestlemania debut in Dallas but seems to get a bit annoyed at the WHATing. Paul brags about his various accomplishments (including five star matches) and talks about all of the record business that he has brought to WWE. He is the secret sauce and business is booming.

You could say WWE is in its prime….and we have a Prime Hydration logo on the mat (a first for WWE). Cue Prime co-founder KSI for the photo-op but here is Randy Orton from behind with the threat of an RKO. Paul escapes but KSI gets dropped with said RKO instead. Orton tries some Prime and says it’s very good….before pouring it onto KSI.

WWE has reached 100 million YouTube subscribers. That’s not bad.

Randy Orton/Kevin Owens vs. Grayson Waller/Austin Theory

Owens headlocks Theory to start and gives a quick crotch chop to Waller on the apron. An armbar has Theory down, with Owens shouting that NO ONE LIKES Waller. Orton comes in and easily takes Waller into the corner for some rained down right hands. It’s back to Owens for the running corner clothesline but Theory clotheslines him outside as we take a break.

Back with Owens getting double suplexed but Theory tries an RKO for some reason. This goes as well as expected and Owens brings Orton back in to clean house. The hanging DDT plants Waller but the RKO is broken up. Owens comes back in and tosses Theory into an RKO to give Orton the pin at 9:47.

Result: Randy Orton/Kevin Owens b. Grayson Waller/Austin Theory – RKO to Theory (9:47)

Post match Logan Paul jumps Orton and Owens but Orton takes away the brass knuckles and sends Paul running (nearly punching Owens in the process but hitting the brakes in time).

We recap Dakota Kai turning on Bayley and sticking with Damage CTRL.

We get a sitdown interview with Bayley, who says she is hanging on by a thread. She isn’t sure what was real with Kai, who used her most vulnerable moments against her. Bayley did most of her things to get Damage CTRL to the top but now they have made the biggest mistake of their lives by underestimating her. She will do everything she can to break them.

Naomi is watching Bayley’s interview when Bianca Belair comes in. Belair says Bayley should only blame herself for what happened but Naomi feels bad for her. That wasn’t the nicest from Belair.

Karrion Kross vs. Bobby Lashley

Scarlett is the only person here with either of them. Lashley knocks him into the corner to start but Kross punches his way out of trouble. A fisherman’s suplex drops Lashley but he’s right back with an overhead belly to belly to take it to the floor.

The ram into the post is loaded up, only to have Scarlett offer a distraction so Kross can post him instead as we take a break. Back with Lashley powering out of a cross armbreaker before being knocked outside. Lashley is fine enough to send him into the post but the Hurt Lock is broken up back inside. A spinebuster plants Kross instead…and the AOP run in to jump Lashley for the DQ at 8:39.

Result: Bobby Lashley b. Karrionr Kross via DQ when AOP interfered (8:39)

Post match the Street Profits run in for the save. B Fab comes in to take out Scarlett but the AOP gets back up for the heel beatdown.

We look at Rey Mysterio returning last week to help Carlito beat Santos Escobar.

Dragon Lee runs into Legado del Fantasma, who mock him for thinking he’ll be the next Rey Mysterio. The future is Legado, not the LWO.

Tiffany Stratton vs. Michin

Stratton sends her into the corner to start before kicking out the leg so Michin goes face first into a turnbuckle. A belly to back suplex gives Stratton two but Michin manages a backdrop. The threat of a Styles Clash takes too long though and Stratton puts her down, setting up the Prettiest Moonsault Ever for the pin at 2:29.

Result: Tiffany Stratton b. Michin – Prettiest Moonsault Ever (2:29)

Video on AJ Styles vs. LA Knight, with Styles not liking how Knight has been all cocky and arrogant despite being under talented. Knight needs humbling and Styles is a phenomenal choice for the job.

Knight rants about Styles and beats on a TV with a chair.

Tyler Bate is playing WWE2K24 but Pete Dunne wants to train. Bate leaves and Dunne plays as well.

Angel vs. Dragon Lee

Most of Legado del Fantasma is here with Angel. Lee wastes no time in dropkicking him into the corner for some rapid fire stomping. Hold on though as Angel might have a bad knee, which is quite the ruse to sucker Lee in. Lee is knocked out to the floor and we take an early break. Back with Lee muscling him up for a sitout powerbomb and hitting a corner double stomp. The big flip dive to the floor takes out more of Legado but Angel kicks Lee in the face. Lee doesn’t seem to mind as he grabs a hurricanrana for the pin at 7:16.

Result: Dragon Lee b. Angel – Hurricanrana (7:16)

Post match Legado lays out Lee.

Damage CTRL mocks Bayley for getting beaten down last week and say it was always about Iyo Sky. Next week: Dakota Kai vs. Bayley.

Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes have escaped their locker room despite extra security. Nick Aldis and the hunt are afoot.

Here’s what’s coming next week.

Here is the Bloodline for the big answer, with Rock getting his own entrance. Roman Reigns says greatness stands before you and shakes hands with the Rock, meaning you can acknowledge them. Cue Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins, coming through the crowd to interrupt as we take a break.

Back with the rest of the Bloodline on the floor and the four people who matter alone in the ring. Rhodes says he knows this is tense moment but he’s glad to be here. They should take the time to feel this as they’re here in a sold out Dallas, Texas. Rhodes has heard Rock’s challenge and wonders if he has the authority to make that stipulation. Last week, Rock acknowledged Reigns so how can he say that?

Rhodes is ready to answer but an angry Rock cuts him off, saying Rock acknowledged Reigns because that is what family does. Rock recaps the stipulations (basically if Bloodline are allowed at ringside or not for Reigns vs. Rhodes) but Rollins cuts him ff, saying we know the stakes. Rollins calls Rock Mr. Midlife Crisis and says Rock has already had his time, meaning he can’t have theirs.

The match is accepted, but Reigns says Rhodes must be an idiot (“You must be from Texas or something.”) for letting Rollins talk for him. Rock says he’ll do everything he can to make Rhodes lose and the World Heavyweight Championship go away because he is on the Board. If Rhodes loses, he never gets another shot (Rhodes seems nervous). Rock brings up Rhodes being one of three children, with a sister who was a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and a brother who is a future Hall Of Famer. It’s also true that he is 20 years younger than his siblings, because he was a mistake. Rhodes slaps Rock to end the show.


Randy Orton/Kevin Owens b. Grayson Waller/Austin Theory – RKO to Theory
Bobby Lashley b. Karrion Kross via DQ when the AOP interfered
Tiffany Stratton b. Michin – Prettiest Moonsault Ever
Dragon Lee b. Angel – Hurricanrana

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