Ring of Honor
Date: September 29, 2021
Location: UMBC Event Center, Baltimore, Maryland
Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman

Last week was a rather unique show as everything was focused on the Pure Rules division. That worked for a one off, but I could go for something else this week. Hopefully that is the case, as it should be time for the fallout from Death Before Dishonor. You never know what you’re getting around here though so let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Quinn McKay gives us the welcome and the rundown.

Brian Johnson is ready to take over the Pure Rules division. PJ Black comes up and says if he wins, Johnson has to shake his hands. Deal.

PJ Black vs. Brian Johnson

Pure Rules and Johnson says Black is the only non-bozo on the roster. He even handles his own entrance to save Bobby Cruise some time. Black, Johnson’s former mentor, says he didn’t teach Johnson everything. They go to the mat to start with Black working on the arm, setting up a front facelock. A headscissors has Johnson in more trouble and Black headlock takeovers him to make it worse. Back up and Black sweeps the legs, setting up a dropkick for a fast two.

That’s enough for Johnson to need a breather on the floor but he gets caught in another armbar back inside. The first rope break is used and Johnson gets kicked right back to the floor. Black hits a dive on the floor, followed by a top rope ax handle to the head back inside. There’s a high crossbody for two more on Johnson, who avoids a springboard as we take a break.

Back with Johnson hitting a knee to the ribs and spelling his nickname. Black scores with a backdrop into the rocking horse, but carries Johnson over to the ropes, which actually counts as Johnson’s second break. A belly to back suplex lets Black go up top but Johnson is up with a double clothesline for the double knockdown. Back up and the slug it out until Black throws him down by the beard.

A kick to the face means Johnson has to use his final rope break, but he knocks Black into the corner. The referee almost gets bumped and the distraction lets Johnson get in a thumb to the eye. Black goes to the ropes so the referee tells the announcer that’s a break, allowing Johnson to punch Black in the face. The Process finishes Black at 10:58.

Result: Brian Johnson b. PJ Black – The Process (10:58)

Post match Black says he isn’t happy with losing, but he shakes Johnson’s hand.

Post break, Johnson doesn’t think much of Brian Zane, who is actually dumber than Quinn McKay. PJ Black comes back in to endorse Johnson again, which isn’t surprising.

Video on the women’s division.

Eli Isom loves to see Ryan Mooney showcase himself, but he isn’t winning.

Ryan Mooney is fired up about how much he loves Eli Isom, but Isom isn’t beating him.

We see the last few minutes of the Foundation vs. Violence Unlimited in an eight man tag at Glory By Honor. Jay Lethal pinning Tony Deppen with the Lethal Injection to give the Foundation the win.

Kenny King vs. Jay Lethal vs. Brody King vs. Shane Taylor

One fall to a finis and, everyone gets a pre-match promo talking about how great they/their faction is. Brody shoves Lethal down to start so Lethal starts pounding on the arm. That’s enough to send Brody into the corner, where Taylor tags himself in. Lethal gets powered into the corner and Taylor blasts him with a clothesline.

That means Lethal needs a new plan so he dragon screw legwhips Taylor into the corner, where Kenny can tag himself in. Lethal is sent into the corner for the third time, allowing Kenny to hit the cartwheel into the basement dropkick (ala Lethal’s trademark). Brody comes back in, drops Lethal with a right, and does the same to Kenny for good measure. Kenny is sat on top and chopped back into the ring, setting up Brody’s backsplash for two.

Back up and Kenny manages to kick him into the corner, setting up the Blockbuster for two of his own. Taylor grabs Kenny’s foot though and Brody hits a hard clothesline. It’s back to Taylor to slug it out with Brody, with Shane knocking him outside. Back in and Taylor catches Kenny in a hanging Stunner, followed by the Marcus Garvey Driver to Lethal. Kenny manages a Blue Thunder Bomb on Taylor, but Brody runs him over. Brody lariats Taylor for the pin at 12:54.

Result: Brody King b. Kenny King, Jay Lethal and Shane Taylor – Lariat to Taylor (12:54)

Brody and Taylor shake hands, but a singles match seems likely.

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