Ring of Honor
Date: November 28, 2018
Location: Stage AE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Colt Cabana

What does it say that I had to look up the results from last week’s episode? This series really doesn’t have a lot of staying power and that’s been an issue for a long time. Last week’s main event saw SCU winning the Tag Team Titles to give them some security as the year comes to a close. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of Christopher Daniels being injured two weeks ago and SCU winning the Tag Team Titles last week.

Opening sequence.

The Kingdom vs. The Boys

It’s TK O’Ryan/Matt Taven for the Kingdom here. Taven isn’t impressed and says he’ll handle this one by himself while O’Ryan sits in on commentary. Before the bell, Taven hits one of them with the belt and it’s a glorified singles match to start. We’ll say Boy #1 gets DDT’ed down and Taven even fans him down.

We take an early break and come back with Taven hitting a running knee to #1’s face but #2 comes in for a headscissors. #2’s dive is caught in the air so #1 dives onto both of them for the double knockdown. Vinny Marseglia pops up from underneath the ring though and pulls #2 under. The Climax finishes #1 at 6:12.

Result: The Kingdom b. The Boys – Climax to #1 (6:12)

Cody talks about Final Battle being the anniversary of him losing the World Title. Since then, he’s never gotten his one on one title shot and that changes at Final Battle. Cody was pretty serious here.

Ian brings Jonathan Gresham to the ring for a chat. Gresham, who is tiny compared to Ian, isn’t on the Final Battle card yet while his tag partner Jay Lethal has a World Title defense. He’s here to prove that he’s the best technical wrestler in the world so it’s Open Challenge time for the pay per view. All the best technical wrestlers in the world can come see him….and here’s Zack Sabre Jr. on the screen. He’ll show up at Final Battle for the challenge in his ROH debut.

Daniels is on the phone with someone named Joe (presumably COO Joe Koff) and promises to send the signed documents to him the next day. SCU is there with him and the two of them have contracts. Daniels doesn’t though and the two of them are worried about him. He’ll come up with something.

Kelly Klein vs. Jenny Rose

The winner goes on to the four way title match at Final Battle and Rose is in a football jersey for some reason. They don’t even wait for the bell and start fighting in a hurry with Klein taking over off some knees to the face. Rose gets sent outside and we take a break. Back with Rose rolling out of the corner but getting pulled back in for a choke. That earns Klein a slam off the top and a spear gives Rose two. Some knees to the back keep Klein in trouble but she’s right back with K Power (spinning AA) for the pin at 7:35.

Result: Kelly Klein b. Jenny Rose – K Power (7:35)

Video on Hangman Page vs. Jeff Cobb.

Quick vignette of a heart monitor line spiking over and over.

Young Bucks vs. Briscoes

The winners face SCU at Final Battle. Mark jumps over Nick to start so Nick hits a springboard flipping wristdrag to take over instead. Everything breaks down in a hurry with Matt firing off the kicks and throwing Nick into the air for a double dropkick. A neckbreaker to Mark in the corner sets up a quick slingshot splash and the Bucks are in trouble as we take an early break.

Back with Matt in trouble as the Briscoes take turns hitting him in the head. The choking on the ropes keep Matt in trouble and Mark is smart enough to knock Nick off the apron before Matt can get to the corner. As tends to be the case though, the hot tag goes through all of five seconds later and the Bucks put on stereo Sharpshooters. The Briscoes grab the ropes and start throwing the Bucks around. Redneck Boogie gets two on Matt and Jay grabs his own Sharpshooter on Matt.

Another rope break sends us to another break and we come back with Nick starting to clean house. Mark gets catapulted into a kick to the face in the corner and a slingshot splash gives Nick two. They slug it out with the Briscoes getting the better of it until the Bucks superkick their way to freedom for two. It’s Meltzer Driver time but Jay throws in a chair. Matt gets one of his own and stereo chair peltings give us a double DQ at 12:09.

Result: Briscoes vs. Young Bucks went to a double DQ when both teams used chairs (12:09)

Post match Jay and Matt fight over a chair and the referee gets decked. The teams don’t seem to mind and keep slugging it out until security comes in to separate them. Cue SCU to say oh well, we can just fight you both at Final Battle. Oh and we can make it Ladder War. The deal is on to end the show.

Actually hang on as we get that heart monitor thing again.

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