Ring of Honor
Date: August 8, 2018
Location: EagleBank Arena, Fairfax, Virginia
Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Colt Cabana

I’ve given up trying to figure out what’s coming on this show. One week we got a World Title change and the next week we got a Six Man Tag Team Title squash. The star power is still lacking, but the schedule is all over the place around here and I’m tired of guessing what we might be seeing. Let’s get to it.

Here are last week’s results if you need a recap.

Opening sequence.

Silas Young vs. Chris Sabin

#1 contenders match for the TV Title with the injured Alex Shelley on commentary. A headlock takeover sends Silas into the corner and Sabin gives him a wave. Silas tries the power with a shoulder but no one goes anywhere. Instead Sabin throws him outside and flip dives off the apron as we take a break.

Back with an exchange of fireman’s carrys but neither can hit a finisher. Sabin goes with a kick to the head to put Silas on the floor, setting up a kick from the apron. A wicked springboard tornado DDT gets two on Young but he still manages to block the Cradle Shock. Silas’ backbreaker into a clothesline combination gets two but the springboard moonsault out of the corner misses. Sabin gets some rollups for two and Cradle Shock gives him the clean pin at 9:51.

Result: Chris Sabin b. Silas Young – Cradle Shock (9:51)

Post match TV Champion Punishment Martinez comes out for the staredown.

Marty Scurll vs. Hurricane Helms

Scurll, who has eye paint this week, won’t shake hands and gets armdragged down instead. A cross armbreaker attempt sends Scurll bailing to the ropes so they hit the mat for some technical stuff. Marty handstands out of a headscissors and strikes Hurricane’s pose, only to fall down when Hurricane shows him the real thing.

Some spit in Hurricane’s face means it’s time to slug it out with Scurll getting the better of it by knocking him outside. Marty stomps on the hand and we take a break. Back with Marty hammering away on the outside and grabbing a cross arm choke inside. A Backstabber gets two but Helms pops up for some clotheslines.

The jumping Downward Spiral and Eye of the Hurricane get two each but the Shining Wizard is well scouted. Marty superkicks the knee and snaps the fingers but misses a charge into the post. A super swinging neckbreaker looks to set up the Vertebreaker, which has the announcers intrigued. Marty reverses that as well and shoves Hurricane into the referee, setting up the low blow and small package for the pin at 13:18.

Result: Marty Scurll b. Hurricane Helms – Small package (13:18)

Video on Jay Lethal regaining the World Title.

So Cal Uncensored vs. Los Ingobernables de Japon vs. Bullet Club

Evil/Sanada/Bushi for Los Ingobernables and the Bucks/Adam Page (hometown boy) for the Club. Page and Kazarian slug it out to start as they always do, with Ian dubbing them a modern Rick Martel and Tito Santana. Everything breaks down in a hurry and it’s Sanada vs. Daniels for a double clothesline. Nick and Sky tag themselves in and it’s time to flip around without making much contact.

Everybody misses more stuff and So Cal Uncensored and the Club try a six way dropkick to no avail. Los Ingobernables clear most of the ring, leaving Nick to take a triple teaming. Page gets suplexed onto Nick and Evil adds a backsplash. Kazarian gets back up and powerbombs Bushi to the floor, followed by Sky hitting a big flip dive onto Bushi and Evil. Everyone goes over to one side of the ring for the sole purpose of giving Daniels a target for the Arabian moonsault.

The Club hits a triple superkick followed by a triple dive to stand tall Back in and a triple basement dropkick rocks Kazarian to send us to a break. We come back with Daniels hitting the Space Tornado Ogawa on Sanada and Page coming in to clean house. The Bucks hit a frog splash/standing moonsault combination on Sanada, followed by Page hitting a running shooting star. Sanada eats a superkick from Matt, who gets caught with a slingshot cutter from Sky.

Evil comes back in and takes the slingshot X Factor from Nick but the second attempt lands in a cutter from Kazarian. There’s a Buckshot Lariat from Page to Kazarian, but Daniels is right back up with a Death Valley Driver. The ref gets misted and Celebrity Rehab gets a VERY delayed two with Kazarian grabbing the referee’s hand for the count.

Daniels yells at him for not counting the three anyway but the Club comes back in for a ridiculous number of superkicks. Page’s modified Tombstone gets two and we FINALLY get a breather after a crazy sequence. The spike Rite of Passage kills Sanada for two more as a bunch of people dive in for the save. Ian actually tries to keep track of who is legal as Nick dives onto the big pile.

Bushi breaks up Matt’s dive with a Canadian Destroyer and a suicide dive to Daniels. Since we haven’t had a big spot in all of ten seconds, Page superplexes Kazarian down onto almost everyone else. Back in and Daniels hits Bushi with the Blue Thunder Bomb for no cover because he wants the Angel’s Wings. Cue Mark Briscoe for a distraction so Jay Briscoe can hit Daniels with a chair. Bushi’s middle rope Codebreaker for the pin on Daniels for the pin at 13:47.

Result: Los Ingobernables de Japon b. So Cal Uncensored and Bullet Club – Codebreaker to Daniels (13:47)

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