Ring Of Honor
Date: October 12, 2023
Location: Maverik Center, Salt Lake City, Utah
Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman

This show continues to be searching for a purpose as there is very little going on around here. Maybe they can find something this week, but the easiest way to do it would have something feel like it matters. Outside of the Women’s Title, almost none of the champions are around here and it makes the show feel that much less important. Hopefully that changes this week so let’s get to it.

Serpentico is ready to survive ten minutes against Eddie Kingston because that’s all you have to do in a Proving Ground match.

Opening sequence.

Eddie Kingston vs. Serpentico

Non-title Proving Ground match, meaning if Serpentico wins or survives the ten minute time limit, he gets a future title shot. Kingston lets him fire off some chops to start but Serpentico grabs a jumping Downward Spiral. That’s too far for Kingston, who grabs a belly to back suplex for two. The Stretch Plum makes Serpentico tap at 2:50.

Result: Eddie Kingston b. Serpentico – Stretch Plum (2:50)

Post match Angelico comes in to check on Serpentico but Eddie tells him to move so he can shake Serpentico’s hand. Somehow this makes Eddie think Angelico wants a title shot so….yeah sure Angelico is in.

Gates Of Agony vs. Fresco/Watson

Prince Nana is here with the Gates and the other two are part of Lights, Camera, Faction. The Gates beat up Fresco to start and pull Watson in as well. Kaun blasts Fresco with a clothesline and the Gates knock them outside. Back in and the Gates beat up the rest of Lights, Camera, Faction, setting up the double standing clothesline to finish Fresco at 2:32.

Result: Gates Of Agony b. Fresco/Watson – Double standing clothesline to Fresco (2:32)

Daga is ready to win the Latin American Title back.

Athena vs. Mazzerati

Another non-title Proving Ground match and Billie Starkz is in Athena’s corner. Mazzerati takes her down with a rollup for two as commentary explains the Proving Ground rules for the second time in less than fifteen minutes. Athena takes her into the corner for a running knee and grabs a release gordbuster.

They head outside where Mazzerati’s hurricanrana is countered into a heck of a powerbomb, leaving the referee to check on her. Back in and Athena unloads with hard shots to the face but Mazzerati cuts off a charge with a kick to the ribs. Athena ties her in the Tree of Woe and fires off some kicks, only to have Mazzerati strike away. She makes the mistake of turning her back on Athena though and gets choked out at 5:15.

Result: Athena b. Mazzerati – Choke (5:15)

Post match Athena loads up the post match beating but Starkz steals Mazzerati and hides her underneath the ring.

Lee Johnson is cut off by a Shane Taylor Promotions recruitment pitch.

AAA Latin American Title: QT Marshall vs. Daga

Daga is challenging and gets trash talked by Marshall to start, though Marshall doesn’t get that fans are swearing at him in Spanish. Daga knocks him down to start but they head outside where Marshall fires off some chops. Marshall hits a dropkick and yells a lot but Daga is right back with a brainbuster. A running Backstabber gives Daga two but Marshall’s tornado DDT gets the same. Daga kicks him in the leg though and muscles Marshall up for a gutwrench powerbomb. That’s enough for Daga to go up, only to dive into a cutter. The Dirt Sheet Driver and la majistral retain the title at 7:11.

Result: QT Marshall b. Daga – La majistral (7:11)

Video on Dalton Castle, who is losing his mind under the pressure of making the fans happy.

The Infantry vs. Shane Taylor Promotions

Moriarty headlocks Bravo down to start and grabs a hammerlock to hold him in place. Back up and Bravo hands it off to Dean for a double hiptoss into a double fist drop. Taylor comes in for the hard clotheslines to Dean as commentary brags about Taylor’s high level of awesome. Dean’s comeback is cut off by a release Rock Bottom and a splash for two. Moriarty misses a charge in the corner though and it’s back to Bravo to clean house. A rolling Downward Spiral gets two on Moriarty but Taylor breaks up Boot Camp. Taylor is back in with a release Rock Bottom to Bravo and the big right hand finishes for Taylor at 6:31.

Result: Shane Taylor Promotions b. The Infantry – Right hand to Bravo (6:31)

Billie Starkz is ready for her match but didn’t think much of Lexi Nair saying she sucked at Minion Training. Diamante and Mercedes Martinez come in to mock Starkz.

Angelico vs. Martin Casaus

Casaus was Marty The Moth in Lucha Underground and gets quite the welcome. Angelico starts with some hip thrusting before punching him in the face. Casaus laughs a bit and gets dropped with a right hand to the head. Some face first rams into the buckle seem to please Casaus and he comes back with a hard elbow for two. The clothesline comeback gets Angelico out of trouble and a twisting leglock makes Casaus tap at 4:30.

Result: Angelico b. Martin Casaus – Twisting leglock (4:30)

Mercedes Martinez vs. Lady Frost

Diamante is here with Martinez. Frost gets hit in the face a few times but comes back with some knees to the stomach. Martinez knocks her straight down and into the corner though, with some hard right hands keeping Frost in trouble. Ian thinks a shot to the eye might have been accidental and Caprice has to mock him for that. A butterfly suplex gives Martinez two but Frost kicks her in the face. Frost’s running kick in the corner sets up a twisting Vader Bomb for two more. Frostbite takes too long though and Martinez grabs a Razor’s Edge Dominator for the pin at 5:29.

Result: Mercedes Martinez b. Lady Frost – Razor’s Edge Dominator (5:29)

Mark Sterling offers Josh Woods Pat Buck as a coach, but Woods isn’t interested. They’ll have a match next week instead.

Leyla Hirsch vs. Willow Nightingale

Nightingale blocks a drop toehold to start and grabs a hiptoss to put Hirsch down. Hirsch is able to pull her out of the corner for a crash into the turnbuckle though and it’s time to work on Nightingale’s arm. A Rock Bottom is countered into a basement dropkick from Hirsch and she grabs a Kimura. Nightingale reverses into a suplex and a spinebuster gets two. Back up and Hirsch snaps off a German suplex into a clothesline for two of her own. A release Rock Bottom puts Hirsch back down and the Pounce does it even worse. The Babe With The Powerbomb finishes for Nightingale at 6:54.

Result: Willow Nightingale b. Leyla Hirsch – The Babe With The Powerbomb (6:54)

Post match Leyla jumps Nightingale but Skye Blue runs in for the save.

Gringo Loco vs. Action Andretti

They go to the mat to start with Andretti getting a rollup for two and grabbing an armbar. With that broken up, they shake hands, only to have Loco hit him in the face. A seated arm/leg crank has Andretti in trouble before a hard suplex gives Loco two. Andretti is back up with a pop up dropkick to send him outside, where an Asai moonsault connects again. Back in and a Spanish Fly gives Andretti two but Loco nails a springboard cutter for two. It takes too long for Loco to go up though and he gets caught with a super hurricanrana. Andretti moonsaults him for the pin at 7:16.

Result: Action Andretti b. Gringo Loco – Moonsault (7:16)

Eddie Kingston wants better competition and is happy to face Christopher Daniels. They’ll show respect afterwards, but he wants a win to show Eddie Kingston what he’s about.

Billie Starkz vs. Rachelle Riveter

They wrestle around to start with Starkz getting the better of things. A lifting double underhook facebuster sets up a Bank Statement to finish Riveter at 1:13.

Result: Billie Starkz b. Rachelle Riveter – Bank Statement (1:13)

Post match Diamante and Mercedes Martinez run in to beat down Athena and Starkz.

Kip Sabian vs. Anthony Henry

Penelope Ford and JD Drake are both here too. They fight over a test of strength to start until Henry tries a failed cross armbreaker attempt. Sabian sends him outside for an Arabian moonsault, which only hits Drake. Back in and Sabian scores with a reverse Cannonball in the corner, followed by a chop off for some skin slapping. A running kick to the chest puts Sabian down and Henry’s Michinoku Driver gets two. Sabian is right back with Deathly Hallows for the pin at 6:30.

Result: Kip Sabian b. Anthony Henry – Deathly Hallows (6:30)

Griff Garrison agrees that he hasn’t been pulling his weight in the team with Cole Karter but Maria Kanellis-Bennett tells them to figure it out. With Maria gone, Karter praises her skills and looks, with Garrison agreeing to work harder.

Christopher Daniels vs. Ethan Page

Page grabs a headlock to start but Daniels reverses into one of his own. A slam puts Daniels down but he drops Page and steps over his chest. Daniels whips him into the corner and grabs a waistlock, followed by the abdominal stretch. With that broken up, Daniels hits the STO but it’s too early for the BME. Page boots him in the face and slugs away, setting up a powerslam for two. Daniels low bridges him to the apron but has to block the springboard cutter. Angel’s Wings is countered as well and it’s the Ego’s Edge to finish Daniels at 7:18.

Result: Ethan Page b. Christopher Daniels – Ego’s Edge (7:18)

Post match Mark Sterling and Tony Nese come out, with the former offering Page a spot on the team. Page says no and, after some bickering, gets a match with Nese next week instead. With Sterling and Nese gone, Page shows respect to Daniels.

Scorpio Sky vs. Darius Martin

Sky rolls out of a wristlock to start before some headlocks and headscissor counters don’t go anywhere. Martin armdrags him into an armbar but Sky slips out and kicks him in the ribs. Sky grabs the neck crank but Martin fights his way up and strikes away. A running bulldog sends Sky throat first into the middle rope but Sky’s Sky High gets two. The TKO finishes Martin at 6:10.

Result: Scorpio Sky b. Darius Martin – TKO (6:10)


Eddie Kingston b. Serpentico – Stretch Plum
Gates Of Agony b. Fresco/Watson – Double standing clothesline to Fresco
Athena b. Mazzerati – Choke
QT Marshall b. Daga – La majistral
Shane Taylor Promotions b. The Infantry – Right hand to Bravo
Angelico b. Martin Casaus – Twisting leglock
Mercedes Martinez b. Lady Frost – Razor’s Edge Dominator
Willow Nightingale b. Leyla Hirsch – Babe With The Powerbomb
Action Andretti b. Gringo Loco – Moonsault
Billie Starkz b. Rachelle Riveter – Bank Statement
Kip Sabian b. Anthony Henry – Deathly Hallows
Ethan Page b. Christopher Daniels – Ego’s Edge
Scorpio Sky b. Darius Martin – TKO

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