Ring Of Honor
Date: February 15, 2024
Location: Dollar Loan Center, Henderson, Nevada
Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman

In theory the slow march towards Supercard Of Honor continues, though we still have no announcement that the show is taking place. Assuming it is going to be held the Friday of Wrestlemania Weekend, we would be looking at fifty days from this broadcast. That is starting to run rather low for an announcement but maybe they can cover it here. In more current news, the Women’s TV Title Tournament starts tonight. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Women’s TV Title Tournament First Round: Queen Aminata vs. J Rod

Aminata chops her down to start and snaps off a suplex as commentary previews the rest of the first round matches tonight and clarifies that there are sixteen participants overall. Rod fights up and kicks her into the corner, setting up a hard whip into the buckle. A suplex gives Rod one but she misses a frog splash. Aminata makes the clothesline comeback, setting up a pair of hip attacks in the corner. Rod avoids a charge in the corner and strikes away, only to get caught with a German suplex. A headbutt finishes for Aminata at 6:06.

Result: Queen Aminata b. J Rod – Headbutt (6:06)

Infantry vs. Midnight Heat

Dean shoulders Pearl down to start and it’s a backbreaker/middle rope legdrop for two. Bravo hits a slingshot cutter for two but Gibson comes in to drop Bravo with a DDT. The chinlock doesn’t last long so it’s an over the shoulder backbreaker/top rope elbow for two more. Bravo gets over to Dean for the tag so house can be quickly cleaned. Everything breaks down and a backslide/middle rope legdrop combination for two on Dan. Back up and Boot Camp finishes Pearl at 6:46.

Result: Infantry b. Midnight Heat – Boot Camp to Pearl (6:46)

Queen Aminata says she didn’t come all the way to Africa to be average. She looks good in gold but she’ll take the silver in the Women’s TV Title.

Women’s TV Title Tournament First Round: Rachael Ellering vs. Leyla Hirsch

They hug to start and trade takedowns into covers and a standoff. Hirsch’s big knee is blocked and Ellering grabs a gutwrench suplex to take over. Hirsch is right back with her own suplex before grabbing something like an abdominal stretch on her back. With that broken up, they bump fists and slug it out until Hirsch snaps off a German suplex. Back up and Ellering fires off some chops into an STO, followed by a running back elbow for two.

Hirsch goes after the arm and hold on as the medic needs to check on Ellering’s shoulder/elbow. Said medic pops the arm back in and let’s keep going. Hirsch doesn’t want to do this now but Ellering pushes her in the face, earning a Saito suplex for two. Some stomping has Ellering in trouble but she says bring it, meaning Hirsch knees her in the face. Ellering reverses the cover into a cradle for two, which earns herself another running knee to give Hirsch the pin at 10:49.

Result: Leyla Hirsch b. Rachael Ellering – Running knee (10:49)

Post match Hirsch checks on Ellering with the bad arm.

We look at Athena and Nyla Rose putting each other through tables.

Rose is waiting for Athena, who jumps her from behind with a piece of the table. Rose fights back and hits her in the head with the table to leave Athena laying.

Outrunners vs. Lights Camera Faction

Magnum headlocks (Ice) Williams to start and hands it off to Floyd for a shot to the head. Some elbows, including a jumping version, setting up a running shot in the corner to (Jeaux) Braxton. That’s broken up and an elbow to the face lets Williams come back in. Everything breaks down and it’s a powerslam/running neckbreaker combination each to both Williams and Braxton. For some reason Floyd pulls Williams up at two, setting up the Infantry’s Boot Camp to finish him off at 3:52.

Result: Outrunners b. Lights Camera Faction – Boot Camp to Williams (3:52)

Commentary points out that it was indeed Boot Camp.

The Infantry is happy with the win but Lee Moriarty comes in to say the Outrunners just used Boot Camp. The Infantry is no longer happy.

Bryan Keith vs. Slice Boogie

Keith strikes away against the ropes to start and boots Boogie down. A t-bone suplex into Diamond Dust finishes Boogie at 1:53.

Result: Bryan Keith b. Slice Boogie – Diamond Dust (1:53)

Women’s TV Title Tournament: Trish Adora vs. Mercedes Martinez

They go with the grappling to start, with Martinez stomping on the foot to escape a headlock. Adora cranks on the arm and rolls her up for two as this is certainly starting slowly. Martinez takes her down for a double arm crank but Adora headscissors her down and does some pushups.

That doesn’t sit well with Martinez, who takes her to the floor and starts in on the back again. A knee in said back with a chinlock has Adora in more trouble but Adora is back up to escape the third Amigo. Adora hits a Thesz press and slugs away, setting up a backsplash for two more. The torture rack is loaded up but Adora’s back gives out, allowing Martinez to grab the Brass City Sleeper for the win at 9:45.

Result: Mercedes Martinez b. Trish Adora – Brass City Sleeper (9:45)

Rachael Ellering is upset about the loss and Leyla Hirsch comes in to say she didn’t want it that way. Ellering knows it wasn’t intentional and they’re cool.

Lance Archer/Righteous vs. Jon Cruz/JC Valentine/James Blackheart

Dutch knees Valentine in the ribs to start but Valentine is back with a dropkick. For some reason Valentine tries a monkey flip and is promptly planted. Archer comes in to chop Blackheart in the corner, setting up Dutch’s powerbomb into a middle rope headbutt. Blackheart finally ducks a right hand and dives over to Cruz for the tag. Everything breaks down and Orange Sunshine hits Cruz, with Archer Black Outing Blackheart onto Cruz for the pin at 5:16.

Result: Lance Archer/Righteous b. Jon Cruz/JC Valentine/James Blackheart – Blackout to Blackheart (5:16)

Infantry yells at the Outrunners over stealing Boot Camp and threaten to knock them back to the 70s.

Kenny King vs. Dalton Castle

The Boys are here with Castle, who is still more than a bit off. King pulls him into a headlock and sends Castle to the floor, where it’s time for some fanning. Back in and Castle misses a charge to the outside again, this time with King following to get in another shot. A cartwheel kick to the head rocks Castle…who grabs the Bang A Rang for the pin at 4:54.

Result: Dalton Castle b. Kenny King – Bang A Rang (4:54)

Post match Castle says he has nothing left but wants Johnny TV. Cue TV (with Taya Valkyrie) who says Castle still isn’t TV ready. Castle is willing to give up anything, so TV agrees to a match….in exchange for the Boys. Castle is perplexed as TV and Taya walk away.

Athena is sitting on the floor and isn’t sure what she is going to do next. She is the minion overlord and the protector of the women’s division, so next week she wants Nyla Rose in a tables match.

Women’s TV Title Tournament First Round: Diamante vs. Kiera Hogan

Diamante misses some big swings to start before ducking a clothesline and getting in a spank. Back up and Diamante pulls her off the ropes and hammers away on the mat. Some choking on the ropes sets up a chinlock but Hogan is back up with a suplex. Hogan misses the running hip attack but grabs a Side Effect for two instead. Now the hip attack can connect and the running corner dropkick makes it worse. A hangman’s neckbreaker gives Hogan two more but Diamante Stunners her over the ropes. Hogan hits a superkick but walks into the rolling cutter to give Diamante the pin at 6:31.

Result: Diamante b. Kiera Hogan – Rolling cutter (6:31)

Nyla Rose accepts for the Women’s Title match next week and we’ll make it 2/3 tables.

Queen Aminata b. J Rod – Headbutt
Infantry b. Midnight Heat – Boot Camp to Pearl
Leyla Hirsch b. Rachael Ellering – Running knee
Outrunners b. Lights Camera Faction – Boot Camp to Williams
Bryan Keith b. Slice Boogie – Diamond Dust
Mercedes Martinez b. Trish Adora – Brass City Sleeper
Lance Archer/Righteous b. Jon Cruz/JC Valentine/James Blackheart – Blackout to Blackheart
Dalton Castle b. Kenny King – Bang A Rang
Diamante b. Kiera Hogan – Rolling cutter

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